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Hear the trumpet sound! Hear the lions roar! Hear our declaration of war! Today, we fight the good fight of faith. Today, we take our place by Jesus’ side as valiant victors, as more-than-overcomers. No more will we live as second-class citizens. No more will we tolerate the attacks of our enemy. It is time for us to get on the offensive. Rise up, O mighty warriors of God!

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Bible Prophecy Cannot be Fulfilled Without Donald John Trump

Disclaimer: Like anyone else who has ever attempted to analyze, interpret, or explain the Word of God, I will imperfectly communicate this imperfect interpretation. While my theological viewpoint is imperfect and incomplete, I believe most strongly that the Biblical insight I share here is not in major error. Please bear with my humanity as IContinue reading “Bible Prophecy Cannot be Fulfilled Without Donald John Trump”


Lately, I have been realizing that the calls to ditch the masks are getting stronger and stronger (FINALLY!), but they are still too sporadic to do much good for those who are stuck in fear—fear of losing jobs, getting arrested, etc. People do not recognize just how much they are being dictated to by irrationalContinue reading “NATIONAL SHOW YOUR FACE DAY!”

Into Marvelous Light

(Sequel to In a Blackout) Today, I have good news to share. The blackout is over. The veil of darkness has been lifted. The Lord is now bringing us into His marvelous Light. “Morgan, what in the world are you talking about? I haven’t heard anything yet. President Trump hasn’t publicly announced that he’s stillContinue reading “Into Marvelous Light”


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