Who Told you Neutrality was an Option?

It seems that only a few of us in the Body of Christ understand just how close to falling off the precipice we are. Amazingly, most do not know who is for them and who is against them. They do not recognize the multitudes of demonic forces unleashed against America and our future. They do not understand the stakes of this election. What could possibly be blocking their vision?

It’s a little thing called deception, and it is everywhere.

The reason for this widespread deception is the devil’s age-old thirst for world domination. Yes, in these the last of the last days, satan has amped up his game of deception to the maximum. From every news outlet, in every public school, and from far too many pulpits, his minions tell and sell lies. Evil is called good, while good is called evil. With this deception, that serpent wishes to nullify the last remaining stabilizing force for good in this world—America—so that he can prematurely erect his blasphemous throne.

The devil knows the only way to kill the American influence is to make the Church ineffective, for even a small number of us have the power to lead a nation to revival. Oh, how effectively have we been rendered ineffective by satan’s false prophets and preachers. They are the ones who say, “‘Peace, peace!’ When there is no peace” (Jer. 6:14, NKJV). They tell you, “Everything will be alright if you just trust in Jesus. Don’t get into politics. That will only offend the people we are trying to reach with our message of…”

Wait. What exactly is their message, anyway? Is it a feel-good ideology to attract the seeker crowd? If so, I guess that means they just want to comfort people who are going to hell, not actually save their souls from eternal damnation. Is it the Gospel message? If so, well, Jesus actually called people to take sides. He came to bring a sword, a dividing line between His followers and the devil’s followers.

For American Christians, we must realize that line is now perfectly separating the two candidates running for president in November. The one promises to represent the followers of the devil. The other promises to represent the followers of the Lord. The former’s name is Biden. The latter’s name is Trump.

If you know anything about anything, you already know Biden is no option for the believer. He stands for everything that the Bible stands against: legalized abortion and gay marriage, the shutdown of churches, the burning of Bibles, rampant violence in the streets, taking away guns from legal gun owners, and so much more. Yes, Biden is not an option. Yet neither is neutrality.

You might have gotten away with being neutral before, but you cannot be neutral this time around. Whether you like it or not, trying to being neutral in this election is most correctly likened to trying to be neutral between Christ and satan. To not choose Christ’s offer of life is to reject it and choose death. To not choose the godliness of Donald Trump is to choose the evil of Joe Biden. To not choose life is to choose death.

The worldwide shutdown forever changed our way of life, whether we like it or not. In a sense, there will be, or already is, a “new normal” for everyone. God wants our new normal to be a turn toward Him and godliness. However, the new normal that some have planned for this country is absolutely demonic. These vipers insidiously wield the coronavirus and racial tensions as weapons against our God-given freedoms.

The Church is suffering a massive frontal attack from the enemies of God. You won’t hear that on most virtual Church sermons. Those so-called leaders are either deceived or have a confrontation-aversion complex.

In American churches, one should hear an uproarious contending for the faith. Yet instead of a hearing the battle sounds of a full-on war against our destruction, we either hear deafening silence or a cacophony of accusations aimed at those of us who do contend. Those who have the power to change this narrative are instead going along with and affirming the narrative.

What narrative am I referring to, exactly? This narrative plays throughout America, and it says that the Church is nothing but a collection of weak-minded imbeciles who will mindlessly fall in-step with any and all godless, evil dictates of government. The narrative also tells us that many of our once-revered pastors are now outdated, obsolete robots who merely await the coming communism that will destroy their churches. Some even seem to welcome it, saying, “Yea, this all means Jesus is coming back soon!” Really?

I am telling you now—this is the defining moment for the American Church. Will this be our finest hour? Will this be the hour of the brave Bonhoeffers? Or will this be the hour of the know-nothing Neville Chamberlains?

One thing the world learned from the blunders of Chamberlain was that policies of appeasement never work with wicked men. Never will compromise quench their thirst for ultimate power. Do you think that the Democrats will relent from their attacks against the Church if they are given power? Do you scoff at the idea that Trump will preserve the Church? If so, Jude has something to tell you: “But these people scoff at things they do not understand. Like unthinking animals, they do whatever their instincts tell them, and so they bring about their own destruction” (Jude 10, NKJV).

I have seen many unthinking people of God follow their instincts, as they lob attack after attack at this president who is unselfishly trying to save them from destruction.

It is like the story of the drowning man. A man falls overboard and quickly finds himself drowning in a tempest. Miraculously, along comes some brave soul to rescue the man, but the self-righteous drowning man does not approve of his rescuer’s character. So, instead of surrendering to this rescuer, he fights him tooth and nail.

After fighting him off, he says, “Not quite the caliber of person I was looking for…I will simply tread water and wait in hopes that someone better will come along.” Only too late does he realize that there is no treading water in this tempest. He has run out of time.

You don’t have time for someone else to come along. Trump is the last hope for Christianity in America. Certainly, God will never allow His plans to be thwarted by any man or devil, but you have a choice to make—either stand on the right side of history or on the devil’s.

We must all repent of apathy, complacency, and insincerity. The Church must awaken. The Church must arise. The Church must rouse itself. For such a time as this, we are needed. For such a time as this, you are needed.

All earthly and heavenly powers are getting set for war. The evil one is gathering his warriors. God is mustering His troops. The world wants to know which side you are on.

I urge you: Choose the side of Life, so that you and your children may live! Choose you this day whom you are going to serve! How long are you going to hold between two opinions? Who told you neutrality was an option?

Standing with you on the side of the Lord,


P.S. It’s your life. What are you gonna do?

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