Threat? Who Do You Think You Are Kidding?

Today, I am going to talk about QAnon. If your snowflake self can’t handle it, I have one word for you: Sayonara! If you do not know anything about this group, hang on. I will explain along the way. (Disclaimer: I am still in the process of learning about QAnon myself.)

First, I will say that even though I admire much of their work, I do not identify as part of QAnon. (Oh, boy. Identify. I sound like a liberal.) Also, unlike so many others who never admit they were wrong, if I find out later on that I am wrong about any or all of this, I will most certainly say so.

You need to realize what a huge risk it is for people to come out in defense of QAnon. Among other things, they risk being blacklisted and having their social media accounts suspended.

Now, this group called QAnon has undergone major attacks in the news for the past couple weeks. Many are calling them crazy “conspiracy theorists” and denouncing all their work, while urging President Trump to do the same. (Fact: “Conspiracy theory” is actually a term that a U.S. intelligence agency came up with to discredit the work of researchers who were getting a little too close to the truth.)

And now, even several pastors are coming out against QAnon. Why are they so worried about this group? We Christians, of all people, should be concerned about the evil being done by “credible” institutions in our society. The Lord wants us to “seek justice” and rebuke the oppressor (see Isaiah 1:17). Or does He not?

We Christians should also realize that intrigues and conspiracies have existed ever since satan conspired to overthrow our great King. We should remember that two cupbearers conspired to kill King Xerxes while Haman conspired to commit genocide against the Jews, but a godly man named Mordecai (with the help of Queen Esther) boldly exposed these plots to save a king and a nation. Afterward, Mordecai was richly rewarded by God and man. (You can read this amazing story in the Book of Esther.)

Do you think that in this Information Age, in these last days, conspiracies will somehow disappear on their own? Has it ever entered your mind that maybe, just maybe, evil conspiracies could actually be more prevalent today, seeing that satan wants to deceive and take over the whole world? (His world domination scheme is outlined in the Book of Revelation, by the way.)

Tell me something. What exactly is the harm in a few thousand people gathering in their basements and doing research to try to uncover evil plots against Americans? According to my limited knowledge, this collective of researchers is mainly focused on outing the deep state, revealing pedophiles, exposing human trafficking, and illuminating the foul evils of the abortion industry. If those are QAnon’s real goals, then they should get commendations and medals, not slander and reproach.

Why, if this collective is so crazy and their ideas so outlandish, are you and so many others working so hard to try to undermine their labors? Under your premise, any decent and sensible person should recognize them for the hacks and phonies they are. Then, again, maybe some of it is not so far-fetched, after all. And maybe that is what scares people.

Now, you afore-mentioned faultfinding pastors, please tell us: Why are we not hearing you decry the violence and athiest Marxism of BLM inc. (the Black Lives Matter organization)? BLM inc. recruits are taught to hate God, hate America, burn churches, burn Bibles, and even kill if it fits the agenda. To me, these ideas and tactics are a much greater threat to your congregation than a group that tries to stop the evil of abortion. How can you think this type of organization is somehow a more worthy cause than a movement committed to ridding the world of a system that tosses human babies aside like refuse? In fact, it seems the people of the QAnon movement care more about black lives than the so-called Black Lives Matter organization. BLM inc. unabashedly supports the genocide of black people by promoting the radical abortion platform of the Democrats. So, why are you not even louder in your denouncing of this malicious organization as you are in your denouncing of QAnon?

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I would like to know another thing. How exactly does this QAnon movement pose a “threat to the global church?” Oh, I see. What you really mean is it threatens the corrupt pillars of the organized church. And that puts your job at risk. Doesn’t it?

How can you think warning us about the threat of QAnon takes priority over warning of all the other threats of the last days, over the spirit of antiChrist even? I will just go ahead and answer that for you. One, you are spiritually blinded. Or, two, you are one of satan’s special soldiers called the false teacher. Or you’re both.

How exactly is this movement a threat to the young people in your church? You say that it undermines their trust in authority and will basically cause them to fall away from Christ. First, the falling away, the apostasy of the last days, will happen because of a spirit of error that comes from those aligned with satan, not from those supposedly against him. Then, again, you’re supposedly against satan but are actually working for his rule in many ways. Aren’t you? Second, I guess you are also one of those who believes we should unthinkingly submit to all governmental authorities and assume they always have our best interests at heart. It sure is a good thing that our Chinese brothers and sisters don’t take their cues from you and submit to their government because they would not be standing for Christ in the face of persecution.

Do you not think that abortion should be eradicated, pedophiles punished, human trafficking obliterated, and deep-state evil ousted? Apparently you don’t because we never hear it from you in any of your virtual sermons or Twitter tweets. Turns out that QAnon does your job better than you ever have or ever could (at least for now).

Some of you, if you were honest (yeah, like that’s gonna happen), would confess that you hate Donald Trump, and that’s the real reason you decry QAnon. You realize most QAnon followers are also Trump supporters. So, naturally, you dislike this group. Strongly dislike. You call on the President to separate himself from this group because you know they are part of his base, and his ostracizing them would gravely hurt his reelection chances. You desperately, yet hopelessly want him to lose in November so you can continue down the path of darkness. You care nothing for the good of your congregation. All you care about is your own vengeful, bitter feelings you have toward this amazing President.

To all the reasonable, God-fearing ministers out there, listen up. You ought to be solely focused on warning about the most obvious “threat to the global church” at this moment. That threat’s name is Joe Biden and his Democrat party. With a wicked and feckless Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris) as president, the church in America and worldwide would suffer unspeakable persecution. With no religious freedom defender in the White House, China and all other nations hostile to the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be completely free to wipe out every single Christian they could find.

Now, that is what I call a “threat to the global church.”

As for the sanctimonious pastors, you are just one more part of the enemy’s plan to distract us from the fight to save America. You are no savior. You are a pathetic, puny pawn in satan’s game.

In spite of you, he will not win. He will not take over America. Not on our watch.

For Truth and Justice,


P.S. I know what you might be thinking, “She’s just another pastor ‘basher’.” Not true. Far from it. Like the prophets of old, my calling is to call to account the false teachers, derelict shepherds, and hirelings. I am in no way against the true men and women of God who serve in professional ministry roles. At the same time, I am convinced that judgement will start with the house of God (see 1 Peter 4:17) and that the standards will be especially high for those with leadership responsibility. Body of Christ, if we want to see a move of God, it has to start right here with some House cleaning.

STOP! Don’t share this post! If you are afraid of cancel culture and Big Tech censorship, then do NOT share this post. Because they will go after you for sharing this kind of material, a.k.a. the Truth. Don’t for a second believe they won’t. Sharing is not for the faint of heart.

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