We Need Real Leaders…Now! (Part 2)

In the aftermath of COVID and widespread violent riots, a gaping void has threatened to swallow up the church. Countless church members have been left wondering, “Where are all our leaders? Who do we turn to for help?”

So, where were you these past six months? What were you doing? What were you preaching? Was it the Gospel according to God or the gospel according to government?


Yeah, that’s what I thought.

We, the Body of Christ, want to know: where were the leaders who stood up against the oppression of the people of God? Where were the ones who exposed the fallacy of corona-fear? Where were the ones who, with boldness, rallied holy troops against the onslaught of wickedness? Where were the ones who denounced and stood up to the rioting insurgents?

Much too often, the ones who should have been leading the charge against evil edicts were instead directing people to go along with the antichrists and shaming those who preached resistance. The ones who should have shouted from the rooftops, “DO NOT FEAR,” were instead caught cowering in their lavish homes, TV studios, and underground bunkers.

The ones who should have lit the flames of revival and repentance in this nation and who should have birthed massive prayer and worship movements were instead trying to make us believe how good things were, even saying, “Peace, peace.” But of course, there was no peace for a nation enduring the beginning shakings of judgement. The ones who should have been calling for governors and mayors to quell the violence in their cities instead marched arm-in-arm with the terrorist groups of Antifa and BLM inc.

Don’t be self-deceived, pastors. We have seen right through your hypocrisy. We have seen what lies underneath your façade of leadership, and the underside we see is anything but godly.

One thing this lack of leadership has taught us lay Christians was that we cannot place our ultimate trust in any man. That trust is reserved for God alone.

However, God has a message for the Christian leaders of America. His voice is crying out above the storm.

I can almost hear Him say, “I want to empower you to lead My people, but you must follow Me alone. You must completely lay down your desire to please men. But if you find it more pleasing and acceptable to take your orders from man than from Me, then you can on stay your present course. You can continue with the man-pleasing, the genuflecting to the devil. But be warned, the latter option is a dangerous road.”

Indeed, your indifference in this day will inevitably lead to your being forced to obey man over God. For if you would rather a government agent write your sermons than the Spirit of God, then you do well to bow and scrape at the feet of atheist progressives. Because, God forbid, should the progressives have real power in America, they would soon have their minions mandating every single word that comes from the pulpit of your church.

That last statement likely sounded farfetched. But how can you still question the motives of the left even after they have declared the church to be non-essential? You say, “Oh, that’s just how they have figured out the places that pose the biggest threat to public health.” Really? Why, then, are hundreds of people allowed to go to Walmart, while no more than 25 can gather in a sanctuary to worship the King of the universe? Why were peaceful pastors arrested for holding church services, while violent “protestors” were not arrested for theft, vandalism, arson, assault, rape, and murder?

Shall we make this even clearer? There are those who say that they want to keep you and your church safe from the disease called coronavirus. They lie. From their actions, we can see their true intention is to keep people safe from the “disease” called Christianity. These people and their agendas are an affront to everything that is godly and just and right in this world.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is the most obvious manifestation of the left’s demonic agenda to shut down the church permanently. If only he had just closed down the churches once, if only he hadn’t banned singing in the churches, if only he hadn’t banned home church meetings and home Bible studies, then you might be able to fudge it and say he actually cares about the health and safety of his constituents. But no longer can Christians excuse such actions by our elected officials.

Think these horrific policies would only be implemented in radical left states if someone like Biden were elected? Think again. California is just the Democrats’ test tube for their radical ideologies. They want to spread California’s policies across the nation like wildfire. Did I mention they are evil?

For right now, we are all being tested to see how far we will go. The more territory we as the church give up, the more they will demand from us. If we continue acting like an underground church, soon enough that is what we will be forced to become. If the wicked who are in authority see how easy it is to manipulate and control us, what will stop them from taking away everything we have left?

I am convinced that the only thing that will stop the erosion of our religious liberties is a strong, unified Bride. For if they see a strong church united against tyranny, they will be a little more hesitant to try and push us down. So, perhaps instead of being scattered all over the playground and either ignoring or laughing when one of us gets picked on by the mean bully called Big Brother, the church should unite around the holy cause of freedom and take up the mantra of “If you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.”

What does all this mean to you, brother? What should you do, sister? Well, like the pastors who took up arms in the American Revolution to fight for the cause of freedom, you must defend your flock from the pack of bloodthirsty wolves now standing in wait at your door.

To those who refuse to fight for freedom, you should start preparing two eulogies: one for America and one for your career. Think you that the antichrists will permit you to preach the only True Gospel of Jesus Christ once they have full reign over America? No. You will only play the part they permit you to play: to lead people astray.

Think you that, should America be saved without your aid, God will somehow reward you for your unfaithfulness? No. Your legacy will be mud.

As for all of us freedom fighters, at the end, we will have done all, and we will have stood for the rights and freedoms given to us by God. So, we will not grieve the loss of America like you will grieve. There will not be weeping and gnashing of teeth over the regret of shirking our duty to God. We will have fought with our every breath to save that which you do not deem worthy of saving.

Ken Blackwell on religious liberty: We’re under attack

Yes, it’s true what they say, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” But for all of our sakes, you had better understand now what you have, for you have been blessed with an incredible gift—a gift to freely preach and teach Jesus Christ. This gift you have the power to either help preserve or destroy.

“How?” you might ask. Do you really want to know? You probably don’t, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. Listen closely. There is one man who has held back the Lord’s judgement on America by protecting the unborn. There is one man who has worked for four years to restore to us our pillaged religious freedoms. One man is standing between us and the ravenous wolves. Brace yourself.

In case you haven’t already guessed, his name is Donald J. Trump.

You might disagree about my prior statements about this man, but there are only two types of people that would disagree with what I have said—a fool or an ignoramus. I will go on assuming you are not the former.

While other politicians (along with many Christians) simply give eyeservice to the Lord, President Trump actually models Christian integrity and holiness by doing the good things he has promised to do. By the way, do you know how our president and his administration has stood for Christians in America and around the world? If you don’t, you must have lived these last four years under a rock. Now, I do not have the space here to enumerate all the things he has done for Christianity. I will simply share several accomplishments here and then probably cover more in another post. Note that these are not listed in order of importance.

Number one: President Trump has successfully worked for the release of American pastors who were held hostage or jailed for their beliefs in other countries.

Number two: He has signed multiple executive orders aimed at protecting religious freedom in America and around the world. He has also often combated China on their deplorable persecution of Christians.

Number three: While still a candidate, he created an evangelical advisory board to advise him on matters important to the Christian community. There is no doubt that these faith leaders have helped to contribute to his Administration’s strong stand for Christian principles.

Number four: He moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. If this is not important to you as a Christian, it should be.

Number five: He constantly protects the free speech of all Americans and has greatly eased the burden of the Johnson Amendment on church leaders. (That amendment attempts to stifle your church’s political speech and activities, by the way. Also, I know he would repeal the amendment if he had the support from Congress, but he currently does not.)

Number six: As commander-in-chief, he led the U.S. military to a complete defeat of the ISIS caliphate. Remember that these terrorists were responsible for the torture and killing of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi Christians.

Number seven: The Supreme court upheld the Trump Administration’s rule that allows employers a religious exemption from Obamacare’s abortion/contraceptive mandate. Meanwhile, Biden has promised to wipe out this accomplishment.

Number eight: (This should probably be listed as the number one important accomplishment.) Through legislation, speech, and executive action, Trump has been the utmost defender of the unborn. In being the most pro-life president in our history, I believe he has also stood in the way of God’s judgement on this land for our barbaric and satanic slaughter of human babies.

Just from browsing this list, we know that President Trump will certainly never do anything to harm the freedoms of his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and will almost definitely do everything in his power to restore the freedoms we have lost over the years. On the other hand, we know that a Biden/Harris Administration would certainly do anything and everything to wipe out every trace of God from the public square and force the American church underground.

Trump and evangelicals are wrong about teaching the Bible ...

By now this should be needless to say, but apparently someone does need to say it. By voting for this president and by directly and vocally encouraging your congregation to do the same, you will be fighting back the satanic tidal wave of wickedness in this land. You will be doing the work of an evangelist. You will be building the Kingdom of Heaven.

So, I ask you this. Will you fight? Or will this great American cause, this cause of freedom that millions have sacrificed and suffered for, be undone by one act of ignorant, insolent, apathetic stupidity? Will you leaders stand to be counted? Or will you continue in contradiction to the Lord’s clarion call for you to stand alongside this president and fight for the soul of America?

But why should you care whether America lives or dies? I mean, what’s it to you whether our constitutionally protected freedoms are demolished and restraining orders against evil are completely lifted? What does it matter if Biden and his crew would unleash thousands of militants on our neighborhoods who are hellbent on destroying everything in sight?

What difference does it make if the only voices allowed to speak in this country are the ones that preach propaganda that comes straight from the bowels of hell? Why should you be the slightest bit concerned about the enemy being able to deceive and steal souls without any opposition from the Truth carriers? Who cares if the atheist Marxists come into power and shut down our Christian operations? After all, Jesus is coming back any day now. Boy, have I heard that excuse before?!

Well, for me, the whole thing is pretty simple. I want President Trump to get reelected so that the American church will be protected, so that our latter glory will be greater than the former, and so that we have the opportunity to lead many more souls to salvation before Jesus returns. I think that makes sense.

Like I said in a previous post, I know that God would have moved mightily in America if the church doors had not been shut for three, four, six months. Of course, we could spend the rest of this year asking, “What if the churches hadn’t closed?” or “What if we had stood up to tyrannical oppression before now?” That probably would not be the best use of our time, though. Time is far too short for what ifs. It is time for action.

The way I see it, American pastors have two choices. And you must choose right here, right now. You can choose to get on your knees before God and repent of your waywardness, ask forgiveness from your congregation, and then rise up in boldness and lead! Or you can choose to continue on the devil’s road, the easy road of careless leadership and find yourself in a very bad place.

You can open up the doors to the Spirit of God. Or you can keep them closed while our Lord stands there knocking. You can come out for Trump. Or you can stay in hiding and thereby support Biden’s election. You can declare life over this nation. Or you can prophesy death.

Hint: Choose life!

Where are the generals among us? We need you now.

Rise with me,


P.S. Unless your conscience is completely seared, I’m guessing you are feeling convicted. But instead of repenting, you might try to explain me away.

First, you will try the whole qualifications game. “She’s not qualified to speak to me. I have a ministry degree, and she’s probably a nothing nobody.” But then you will stop and realize that a man named Simon was a nothing nobody until Jesus picked him out of a crowd and called him to be His disciple, the very rock He would build His church upon.

Next, you might try and disparage my Bible knowledge and writing style. Because I don’t write or speak above everyone’s heads like you do, I must not know enough of the Bible to be able to teach it properly. Your assumption couldn’t be more wrong.

You see, that ministry degree does not automatically qualify you or make you any more Christ-like, but it could very well make you more prideful. And that pride, that feeling of intellectual superiority, could be blinding you to something God is trying to teach you through me, His plain, earthen vessel.

You would do well to remember that the Jews thought Jesus was too plain, too ordinary to be the long-awaited Messiah. So, why don’t you stop making excuses for your continued disobedience? You know in your heart that I have told you the Truth. Will you one day try to explain to God that you did not harken to the Truth because the messenger was too ordinary?

When you are brought before the courts of Heaven, will you be found guilty of negligence and dereliction of duty? What’s worse, will it be found that you refused to do your duty because of your greed and your fear of man? Will you choose to hold your 501(c)(3) status in higher esteem than the status of your heavenly citizenship?

God does not want that for you, and neither do I.

Unfortunately, because of our stubbornness, God usually has to make us really uncomfortable before we are willing to make a change. So, to that end, I hope I have helped to put you in an un-comfort zone.

God save us all from our kingdoms of comfort. May He wake us and make us holy and wholly uncomfortable!

STOP! Don’t share this post on social media! If you are afraid of cancel culture and Big Tech censorship, then do NOT share this post. Because they will go after you for sharing this kind of material, a.k.a. the Truth. Don’t for a second believe they won’t. Sharing is not for the faint of heart. But go do it anyway.

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