What if

How many prophets and preachers?

How many doctors and teachers?

Artists, authors

Musicians and singers

Scientists, inventors

Presidents and street sweepers

How many?

How many of them have you taken

from us?

God only knows


Would we have a cure for cancer?

Would there be fewer ODs?

Would the world be graced by still

more beauty?

Would we have another Mona Lisa?

Or a second Beethoven’s 5th?

Would there be more peace

and prosperity?

Would the world be cleaner, safer,

or better than it is

without them?



The nameless, faceless, beautiful

ones you’ve taken from us

I don’t know

But God knows


But I suppose no one can say

Whether we’d truly be better off

If you hadn’t taken them

Or whether the world would be

even more evil

And even less good

All I know

Is that I sure do miss ‘em

And yet, I’ve never even met ‘em



The tens of millions of faces

The tens of millions made

in God’s image

The tens of millions

The twinkling lights you’ve

snuffed out

Snuffed out with apathy

With vengeance

For convenience

Or perhaps out of obedience


Whatever the reason

You’ve taken them just the same

One by one by one

And every one


Each one is to me one less light

And a little less love

Here on Earth


But maybe…


Twinkle, twinkle baby star

Now I know just who you are

As you’re up above the world,

you’ll find

You’re the apple of His eye

For those of us down below,

We miss you, you know

But soon we’ll be right

where you are

Safe, held forever in the Father’s

loving arms


For now, I carry you on my heart

And when we meet

That Day

You might just have to ask me

That question:

“What was my captor’s name?”

And I, I would have to give

That answer:


Abortion was its name, baby star.”

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