I (still) refuse.


If you know your history, then the craziness you have watched play out in America for the last eight months should remind you of Nazi Germany and real fascism. The real fascists are the ones who want you to unwaveringly conform to their way of thinking, and they constantly speak out of both sides of their face masks. They will spout off about doing things to protect you and your freedoms, but in reality, they are gaming for the opposite—your enslavement.

These two-faced fascists may as well be magicians, for they are masters of misdirection and sleight of hand. This sort knows how to shout about one issue while they manipulate something else behind their backs. For instance, Hitler told the Jews that he had designed his fascist regime’s policies for their safety, but we now know genocide was his endgame all along.

Now, I say this to modern-day fascists: “Remove your filthy, flimsy masks. Let us see you for who you really are.” But know that if they don’t eventually end up revealing themselves by their own tricks, God will ensure that we see their trickery for what it is—lies, deception, death, and pure evil. In short, everything by which the spirit of anti-Christ is defined.

Let us now use our God-given brains to unveil that which the enemy hopes in vain to keep concealed.

In the common era, it is an act of lawlessness to refuse a face mask, to go to church, or to protest to open your business and make an honest living. But it is not lawlessness—indeed, it is good, right, and necessary—for maskless people to protest against racism and to congregate if they want to burn your church or business or maybe even commit an act of insurrection by attempting to set up a new country within your country.

Anyone watching with eyes wide open knows that there is more to all this than meets the eye. The woke ones understand the ruckus is not about a virus. It is not about George Floyd. It is not about Russia or Ukraine. It is about November 3rd. Ultimately, though, it is not even about the reelection of Donald Trump, even though this is the immediate focus. Ultimately, it is about whether America will continue on or whether it will cease to be.

Ah, to be or not to be? That is the question millions will face at the ballot box in November. Will I choose America or Venezuela? USA or China? Trump or Biden? Good or evil?

America and all the freedoms we have enjoyed for over 240 years will cease to exist if the latter wins. This is not sensationalism, exaggeration, or political hype. It’s just the truth. Anyone who is truly awake knows that what I have said is the truth. I pray that those who are in the process of waking up will understand this concept sooner than later, that they will know the truth, for it will set them free.

Liberalism is the virus we should be afraid of. Socialist progressives are leading a mutiny against us and against our nation, and we the people must rise up to put it down. Unlike their name suggests, the left does not want freedom to be liberally available to all. They do not want what is best for society. They do not want us to have personal or corporate progress. They want us to regress to the Middle Ages when monarchs ruled with total power.

As for the governors, senators, representatives, and other public officials who have used the COVID-19 and George Floyd situations to unconstitutionally seize power from the people, we will forgive, but we will never forget their trespasses against us. These elected officials and their minions hope that voters will forget their inconceivable blunders and lawlessness, and that by the time November 3rd rolls around, it will all just be considered water under the bridge. It cannot be so. I refuse to forget. Indeed, for the people who lost their loved ones to COVID-19 in nursing homes, and for those who lost decades-owned family businesses to bankruptcy or arson, it will be all but impossible to forget.

The liberals also hope we cannot put two and two together and figure out that their horrific months-long “safety-first” lockdowns were simply a ruse to tank the economy and make Trump’s report card look bad. But if the coronavirus has shown us anything about our liberal leaders, it is that we cannot put any faith in their math skills. They seem absolutely inept to understand basic monetary principles like, for instance, you cannot spend more than you make. They also have shown us by their manipulated coronavirus case count that they cannot add worth a darn. (Seeing as the count is ever-fluctuating, I am surprised that their propaganda ministry called fake news can even tell when a spike happens.) Anyway, you get my point.

To me, the unlawful executive orders made by the liberal governors, and some RINOs, are just as relevant today as the day they were signed, and they should be just as relevant in November as they were in June. Equally, the outrageous “defund the police” initiatives should be just as disturbing today as they were four months ago. Why? Because after the COVID scare has come and gone, and after George Floyd is long forgotten, we must remember.

We must remember the faces of the ones who temporarily took away our freedoms and our livelihoods in the name of “safety first.” We must remember that these ones also pledged to erase the thin blue line that stands between a peaceful society and complete anarchy. We must understand that these are the ones who would permanently plunder our freedoms if given the chance, using the excuse that we are too dangerous to be allowed to exercise them.

On this point, they are right—we are dangerous. We the people are dangerous to them and to their evil agenda. Because a free people who are rightfully permitted to participate in free, fair elections will always vote out and vote against tyrants. So, while we still have the ability, we must remember those who unlawfully cancelled our freedoms, and we must vote for those who will preserve our liberties. There is no other alternative.

Again, their tyranny cannot and will not be forgotten by us. Of this I am convinced: We cannot allow a bunch of fiends to use a virus, one man’s unfortunate death, or any other adversity as a subterfuge to steal our freedoms out from under us. For I don’t know about you, but I CAN’T BREATHE under the knee of Big Brother.

Will you and I continue suffering under the heavy hand of government? Or will we take our lives back into our own hands? Will we submit to slavery? Or will we break the chains that bind us?

As for me, I refuse to be a dumb sheep, led off to the slaughter by those who would pose as my shepherds.

I refuse to be an expendable pawn in their game.

I refuse to bow down to the lie that I am a deplorable societal ill and that, like the coronavirus, I must be eradicated.

I refuse to pledge allegiance to their evil ideology or submit my mind to their brainwashing.

I have been given the mind of Christ, and I refuse to exchange it for the mind of the anti-Christ.

I refuse to allow peer pressure or social media pressure to push me into anything that will harm my body, heart, soul, or my standing with God.

I refuse to be dictated to by communist dictators who want nothing more than total submission to their every whim.

Now, you can call it whatever you want, but what we have been facing this year is nothing short of communism. In fact, if this is not communism, I don’t know what is.

You see, communist dictators will jump at any opportunity to gain further control, whether it be a virus or race relations or a presidential race. Communists are total control freaks, and they treat anyone and everyone as expendable in their pursuit of power. Of course, they don’t label their heavy-handed policies as control. They are a little smarter than that. Instead, their unlawful, ungodly mandates are pushed by their propaganda brainwashing machine as caring efforts to keep you safe.

But as Benjamin Franklin taught, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

I guess that makes us as undeserving as they come, for we have surrendered our hard-fought, God-given liberties under an unproven and unscientific premise that doing so would keep us safe from a virus. We have welcomed communist control into every aspect of our lives. We see this control at work in our churches, our homes, our schools, and our most private, intimate affairs.

They have insinuated that you cannot be trusted with the freedom to make your own decisions anymore because you are not smart enough to properly care for yourself and your family.

Yes, governors, mayors, city councils, and unelected bureaucrats have now declared themselves to be your divine caretakers.

To show you how much they care, at least one state now mandates how many people you can have over for Thanksgiving and who can sit where and what you can have to drink and how long you can visit and how loudly you can sing praises to God.

To show you the depth of their compassion, state officials, not God, now determine the procedure of church gatherings. They determine how many can gather, and where, when, how, and why you can gather. And that is if they even permit you to gather at all. Then, they determine which instruments can be played, who can sing, and how much air you can breathe.

Yet all this control is simply not enough to satisfy their lust for power.

We must discuss one more example of how these slimy serpents have wormed their way into our lives:

Our communist leaders have turned two loops of cotton into chains because they have realized that is all it takes control and enslave the masses.

Yes. In case you were wondering, I am referring to the face masks.

Now, some would like to make you believe the face mask debate has been settled, but it most certainly has not been. For one thing, if the efficacy of mask-wearing were settled fact, Silicon Valley would not be censoring real science. YouTube, for instance, would not be censoring a video shared by a highly respected group of doctors that tears apart the myth of mask-wearing piece by flimsy piece.

Beyond the science, though, the draconian face mask mandates constitute a serious breach of liberty and should not be overlooked. Allow me to further explain myself.

The real fascists, along with their propaganda ministry, would like to suggest that not obeying the governor’s arbitrary command makes me a bad person. If I was an asymptomatic carrier and did not wear a mask, I would be maliciously and willfully spreading deadly poison across society. So, I basically want people to die. I am going to give this poison to someone who is going to give it to someone else who is going to give it to another who is going to bring it home and give it to her elderly grandmother who will die from it. I am now a grandma killer.

Thus goes the rationale of the same people who crammed COVID patients into nursing homes. Thus says the same people who applaud the BLM inc. rioters for their “righteous” and “justified” acts of violence, some of which was committed by people not wearing masks. So, I guess the virus either was never as contagious or dangerous as they told us, or it suddenly disappeared, and they forgot to tell us. I don’t know. You tell me.

Nevertheless, face masks—or rather, the lack thereof—have now become a societal stigma. If you walk into a store without a mask, people will literally look at you stunned, dumbfounded, cross-eyed even. Others will glare. Some will treat as if you are a devious criminal. It donned on me the other day that, odds are, I would be treated better if I walked into a store and shoplifted (as long as I was wearing a face mask) than if I went into the store for a lawful, legal, legitimate purpose and dared to show my face in public.

If anyone should be ashamed, if a stigma should exist against any group of people in this country, it should be the people who are wearing masks because they are too ashamed to show their face in public. They are too afraid of what their peers will think of them, too worried about rejection, too concerned of possible legal retribution, that they choose to deny who they are—human beings made in the image of God—so they fecklessly accept enslavement and submit to wearing a mask.

You could not pay me enough to make me deny who I am. I will not gain the whole world and lose my soul. I will stay true to myself regardless of what anyone thinks of me.

You might say that it is selfish of me to not wear a face mask. This would be a wholly uneducated thing for you to say. (I could have written, “It is a stupid thing to say,” but I didn’t want to go there.)

If you knew me, you would know that I care more about your freedom than I worry “for your safety.” As such, it is not that I don’t care about you. On the contrary, I do care about you, your freedoms, and your overall well-being. The only path to true wellness is through freedom.

If you knew me, you would also know that I never want to foolishly put anyone at risk. When I perceive that something I have control over could endanger me or someone else, I act accordingly. I don’t want to die before my time or cause anyone else to either. However, I also treasure my soul more than I do my life. There are worse things than death.

That being said, allow me to share with you why I never once donned a face mask during this situation. The reason is not that I am impulsively rebellious against authority. No.

Being forced to wear a face mask offends my sense of self, my dignity, my identity, my free will, my personal sovereignty and autonomy, my convictions, and my American way of life. It is an attack on my personhood. It negates my God-appointed right to freedom of movement and to be secure in my person. It crushes the very bedrock of the Fourteenth Amendment, which indisputably declares that no state shall “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” It restricts my ability to breathe and speak and even affects my ability to see without impediment.

These face mask orders are but a shadow of the evil system that seeks to destroy my ability to control my own destiny and determine my own future with the choices that I make, independently.

So, I refuse to let socialist, communist, marxist government decide for me who I can and cannot be.

I refuse to suck up to the false narrative that “patriots and good citizens wear masks,” especially when it has been proven that the masks are pretty much ineffective (i.e. the virus goes right through them—proven knowledge) and are even detrimental to one’s health.

I refuse to believe the bald-faced lie that not wearing a face covering makes me a selfish person. If that’s the case, then excuse me, but I will be selfish when it comes to the health and well-being of my soul.

I refuse to let anyone turn me into a germophobe.

I refuse to let irrational fear inhibit me from ever taking a good risk again.

I refuse to forever live in fear of the unknown.

I refuse to put a mask on God’s holy creation. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and you will see it full well.

I refuse to put a veil over my face, for it radiates with the glory of God.

So, keep on staring, snowflakes. It might disgust you that I don’t wear a Mask, but it greatly disturbs me that you do. It makes me wonder just what else you would do if someone told you it was “for your safety.” Would you allow someone to place a chip in your body in the name of contact tracing? Would you give in and receive a Mark so you can keep on buying and selling?

As for me, I will not give in to wearing a Mask, as it would cost me my freedom, nor will I give in to receiving the Mark, as it would cost me my soul. If you and I cross paths one day, I guarantee that you will be able to distinguish me from the brainwashed masses. I will be the one that is without a Mask, unvaccinated, un-chipped, and marked only by the holy name of Yeshua.

OVER MY DEAD BODY will I give in to the devil’s agenda.

So, to all you sheepish Christians out there, I say, “Come out from among them, and be ye separate” (2 Cor. 6:17 KJV).

I don’t know what you will be doing, but this November 3rd, I will be voting for America. I will be voting for freedom. I will be voting for Donald J. Trump.

Never forget, my friends. Never forget.

Standing on the Rock Christ Jesus,


P.S. At some point, we all are going to need to “Just Say No” to the toxic drug of ungodly tyranny. At some point, the masses need to rise up in civil disobedience against government gone awry. And I am convinced that point needs to be sooner than later, or else we will have no later to live for.

Do you want to be free from communist control, or would you rather be forever enslaved? Will you vote for liberty? Will you stand to be counted? Will you stand for Christ on November 3rd?

If you truly care about the continuance of freedom, then you must vote for Donald Trump and for all who stand by him and by our Constitution (most likely such people are running as a Republican).

To make your voice heard for Christ, for truth, for justice, and for righteousness at the polls, you must be registered to vote. Registration windows have closed already in most states, but some allow voter registration even on the day of the election, November 3rd. Click here to find out how to register in your state.

If you need help in figuring out who to vote for in local and state elections, click here to get a faith-based voter guide. Do your own research, and don’t forget how important school board elections are for this nation’s future and your children’s future!

And perhaps most importantly, VOTE IN-PERSON.

Holy Spirit, rise up and cover the earth!

STOP! Don’t share this post on social media! If you are afraid of cancel culture and Big Tech censorship, then do NOT share this post. Because they will go after you for sharing this kind of material, a.k.a. the Truth. (Just like they are doing to evangelist Mario Murillo.) Don’t for a second believe they won’t. Sharing is not for the faint of heart. BUT GO DO IT ANYWAY! YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!

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