A Game of Inches


One at a time

Step by step, She fades


Down a little more

Slowly but surely, She fades

Further away

And closer to

Until the day

She is but inches away


Only one step more

One step and

She will be standing at Death’s door

The Greeter is eager to meet Her

At the door

“Why don’t you come in

And lie down?” says He.

“Just take that





Dark, Door, Door Handle, Light, Open

Well, here we are—just one step more. With just one step more, America will be at death’s door. OR if we take one step towards God, this nation will live again! It is either/or. There is no middle ground anymore. There is no way to delay the choice that must be made.

So, today, make the choice that leads to life. Make the choice to serve the God who is called Life. Make the choice to be known in Heaven as one who stands for life.

Let November 3rd mark the day you said “no” to death and “yes” to life.

That’s all there is to it.

Go vote for life! Go vote for Trump! Go vote Republican!

Pro-Life all the way,


P.S. If your satanic decision on November 3rd not to vote for Donald Trump helps the satan worshippers overthrow our Republic, your children will be among those who will pay the price for your idiocy. So, think not of yourself. Think of your children. Think of your friends and neighbors whom you don’t want to see hauled away to death camps. Think of those who are yet to come into the Kingdom, who have just as much of a right to hear the Gospel as you.

If we’ve ever needed you, Lord, it’s now! You’re one step away, America! Take the right step!

STOP! Don’t share this post on social media! If you are afraid of cancel culture and Big Tech censorship, then do NOT share this post. Because they will go after you for sharing this kind of material, a.k.a. the Truth. (Just like they are doing to evangelist Mario Murillo.) Don’t for a second believe they won’t. Sharing is not for the faint of heart. BUT GO DO IT ANYWAY! YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!

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