Your efforts are futile.

Greetings, devil,

This is your daily reminder that

all your efforts are futile.

All your fighting has been

all for nothing.

All your labor has been

worked in vain.

All the souls you think you’ve “won”

are only heaping up torment for you

in your eternal punishment to come.

No one mourns for you.

No one cries over your demise.

Because even your fiendish followers know

you deserve what you’re about to receive.

Yes, your doom was sealed ages ago,

and it’ll be here in the blink of an eye.

The day you set yourself against the Most High

you set yourself on the losing side of eternity.

You didn’t understand that rebellion

against Yahweh is futile.

And now the King of Heaven sits

and laughs at your useless striving.

We laugh at you,

for you have lost,

and we have won!

Nevertheless, you’ll keep on trying,

and you’ll keep on losing.

Because in your pride,

you still think you can triumph

over the Omnipotent One.

How foolish, indeed!

You know the end of the story,

but you just can’t help yourself.

You always lust for more.

You’ll always want the one thing

that you can never get back.

Never will you occupy a seat at the table—

not even the smallest station in the Kingdom,

not even as a doorkeeper in the house of God.

Your pride, vanity, and jealousy

will be the end of you.

You are no longer beautiful, Lucifer.

You are the ugliest creature

in all of creation

because you thought in vain

that you could be worshipped

beside your Creator.

What stupid futility,

and what a bloody waste.

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(Photo credit: James Nesbit)

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