Traitors in our Midst

For sure, I am incensed by the slimy traitors slithering in the courts and in the halls of Congress, but I am all the more incensed by the demonic traitors dithering from the pulpits. These treasonous preachers who are attacking and abandoning President Trump would not know a move of God if they stepped on it barefooted. They have absolutely zero discernment of the times we are living in. Their eyes are blinded by greed and religion.

They have betrayed the unborn. They have betrayed our children to the satanic lusts of pedophiles. They have betrayed God’s chosen people Israel. They have betrayed our God-given rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They have betrayed the worldwide Christian church. They have betrayed Christ Himself.

The person that currently leads this lascivious pack of traitors and apostates is none other than Beth Moore. Recently, this religious hack felt as if she needed to come against Christian support of our President (again). I won’t be kind and understanding in my rebuke of her. She knows better, or at least she ought to.

Okay, Beth Moore. Call it “Trumpism” or whatever hell-conceived term you want, but we Christians support President Trump because he is advancing America’s return to God and godliness. He has done more to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ than you ever have or ever could. *GASP* If that is what you call Trumpism, then we are guilty as charged.

Did you dare reprimand the Christians who worshipped Barack Hussein Obama-nation? No. That certainly would not have boosted your popularity.

Do you dare reprimand the thousands of women who worship you as a goddess? No, that wouldn’t sell more books for you, would it? Nevertheless, there are countless women who are guilty of practicing Bethism. You can’t see the forest for the trees, Beth. You are an idol that needs torn down, not President Trump.

And you said yourself, “We do not worship flesh and blood. We do not place our faith in mortals.” By themselves, these statements are true, and I agree. You so often manage to say all the right religious, Christian-y things, and that status quo keeps most cheap pastors afloat. But you—you just had to harbor a grudge. You just had to be hell-bent on waging war against influential men. And that has become your downfall.

You have a problem with influential men and those who honor influential men because you are a Jezebel and a feminist, Betsy. Ha. What perfect irony that a seducer would attempt to expose another supposed seducer. Do you want to know how else we know that you’re faking it? Satan does not cast out Satan. “If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?” (Matthew 12:26). Don’t look now, honey. Your true colors are showing.

I just wonder how the script would have read if we had had a woman president who possessed the same personality as Trump and achieved the same exact accomplishments. I have a feeling that you would never rebuke that president. On the contrary, you would be falling all over Madame President like the spiritual whore you are.

Suck it up, Beth Whore. You aren’t the only woman in the world that’s ever faced sexism and sexual abuse. Yeah, it hurts. Yeah, it’s wrong, and it shouldn’t ever happen to anyone. Unlike you, we did not cling so fiercely to past wounds that we lost our hold on the Truth. Unlike you, we’ve dealt with our pain with God, and we’re stronger today because of it. Unlike you, we don’t hold one man’s past against him and so selfishly deprive millions of babies of their future.

While you are working to seduce people into darkness, we are working to draw people out of the darkness and into the marvelous Light of Christ. While you are for child sacrifice, we are for the eradication of child sacrifice.

However, the biggest difference between you and us, the Christian women who support President Trump, is that unlike you, we have not prostituted ourselves before the altar of Baal.

Yes, Beth, we are on opposite teams. You are on the side of Baal and Molech. We are on the side of Christ. “For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols?” (2 Corinthians 6:14-16).

As such, there can be no “peace” and “unity” between us. There will be no Kumbaya moment by the fireside. There will be no “healing” for the ones who have betrayed Christ for 30 silver pieces. There will, however, be a purging and a cleansing in the Body of Christ that will reveal to the whole world who is really on the side of God—and who is not.

This was your unmasking moment. In your satanic treatise, you said, “We don’t need a Cyrus. We have a king. His name is Jesus.” Jesus once said of you, “These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me” (Matthew 15:8). The name of Jesus is on your lips, but in your heart, you have crucified your King and said, “I have no king but Biden.” In your heart, it is that pedophile Biden you serve, and not Jesus.

What would it look like for you to actually serve Jesus? It looks like what Jesus said, “Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14). Even now, you hinder millions of children from coming into this world. Even now, you hinder the rescue of millions of trafficked women and children.

We might not necessarily have need of a Cyrus, but the children do. The children need someone to save them! Perhaps if, in your long and semi-illustrious career, you had railed against the legal practice of child sacrifice just half as hard as you have railed against this pro-life President, our country and our world would currently be enjoying the absent and beautiful faces of the tens of millions whom you have been complicit in murdering.

Since it is abundantly clear you hard-hearted Pharisees have seen no need to do anything about this Holocaust, we Christian lay people have chosen to act. And despite your inexplicable idiocy, on November 3rd, Americans once again chose a pro-life President. But to the death and perversion of the Demoncrat party, Americans shouted an emphatic “NO!”

What a beautiful sight it will be when Donald Trump, that man after God’s own heart, places his hand on that Holy Bible and takes the oath of office to be our president for four more years. How wonderful it will be to watch traitors like you squirm in your seats as you realize your time for deceiving is up!

What you once were matters no more. It doesn’t matter how many lives you’ve transformed with your fill-in-the-blank Bible study coloring books. Right now, you are standing in God’s way, and He will remove you. Your empire will be demolished, and you will be stripped of your glory.

You are a stench in God’s nostrils as well as in mine. You should be very afraid, woman minister of Baal, because your glory days are well behind you. You have chosen to stand against the anointed man of God, and someday soon, you will suffer for it.

Repent, for your Judgment Day is near at hand.

For the Lord and for Trump,


P.S. We little Christian lay people wouldn’t have to be obsessing over politics if you big name pastors had been doing your jobs all these years. If y’all had done your jobs and made a disciple of this nation, we Christian patriots would not have to be fending off communists, who hate Christ, from entirely taking over our government and culture. I will continue fighting the good fight of faith, no matter what arena it takes me into, for the sake of those who are yet to come. I just happen to want my generation to come to know Christ, and if that earns me the label “Christian nationalist,” then so be it.

JESUS, you are worth it all. Every NATION and Every SOUL.


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