One of the Most Important Messages I Will Ever Share

Our omniscient God has known for eternity what would happen this week. He knew the tears and the heartache that so many would face. He knew the tsunami of fear, despair, and disillusionment that would attempt to drown His sons and daughters.

Did you honestly think it would come easy? Perhaps I unintentionally misled you with my last post. I don’t claim to know how it will all work out, and I know for sure it won’t be all roses in the process. But I know when all is finished, when all is said and done, we will end up on top.

I know it only seems to be getting darker, but the swirling clouds of chaos and confusion prove to me that the darkness is panicking. The louder the dark ones shout “Impeach! Impeach!”, the more I know they are scared witless over our impending victory.

Do you think the enemy and his minions want to lose their stranglehold on this planet? Don’t you think hell itself will manifest to try to prevent its overthrow? Do you think the corruption will voluntarily expose itself? Or could it be that they were tricked by God once again to overplay their hand and reveal their own nakedness before the world?

I don’t give a swamp rat’s ass if it appears that every single last legal option is exhausted. Actually, this is the best possible scenario because only God will get the glory for the rescue. I don’t care if I look like a fool. I don’t care if the media says Trump has conceded. Read his words for yourself. He did not concede. His messages are masterfully crafted to fool the bad actors, as he must do, for they want him dead.

It doesn’t matter that my hands are shaking because they have frozen to my sword. I will not quit believing for a last-minute miracle. God has more ways to win than we can ever imagine, and He doesn’t play by our rules. By the time this is over, you will believe in miracles, too, and I will fall on my face thanking God for His incomprehensible love, mercy, longsuffering, and lovingkindness.

I don’t care if you think I’m out of my mind. I don’t care if you think my president is out of his mind. Just take a quick look at all those people in the Bible whom the world called crazy.

The world thought nutty Noah was crazy as well as mumbling Moses, delirious David, irate Isaiah, and jabbering John the Baptist. The world thought our compassionate Christ was crazy, too.

If you call me crazy, then it looks like I’m in good company. And it just so happens that God vindicated every single one of these quacks and proved to the world that what we think is right-side up is actually upside down, and what we think is upside down is actually right-side up. How else would a righteous kingdom be viewed by an evil world except as being upside down? Think about it.

I am sure you all have heard about the peaceful Trump supporters who were shot and killed by the D.C. police on Wednesday. You know what? That is what the satan-worshipping establishment wants to do to every single God-fearing, freedom-loving patriot. In the parallel universe where Joe Blow is inaugurated on Jan 20th, this is exactly what would happen. In fact, a Demoncrat representative has actually drafted a resolution aimed at punishing Trump voters. So, it is literally one of their stated goals. They want us to cower away in fear. Will you?

I will not. I laugh in the face of their foolish threats. If I suffer for the cause of freedom, I suffer. If I perish, I perish. For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.

I have nothing to prove with my public stand except my love for Jesus.

Meanwhile, back in reality, President Trump is the one who will be our president for the next four years. I have no doubt about it. I also have no doubt that traitors will face swift justice. As for us who believe, God has only plans of good and not of evil (see Jer 29:11).

Gallery: Inauguration Day for Donald Trump in Washington ...

In the meantime, I will continue to take the narrow road, the road less travelled. I will fight for liberty for the unborn and for the children. I will not fail like the German church did when they should have aggressively opposed that demon, Hitler. I will not have innocent blood on my hands for conceding to the illegitimate moronic abomination of Biden/Harris.

Although my desire for humanity’s freedom is immeasurable, I care as much about which side I am on as I care about how this thing goes. And I guarantee you that when the dust settles, you will find me on the side of the Lord.

If believing God in the face of impossible odds is upside down, then I choose to live life upside down. From now on, expect the unexpected. I refuse to live any longer by the carnal, twisted expectations of this natural world. I live by the Spirit of God and His Word that always accomplishes what He sends it forth to do and never, ever returns void.

I apologize for absolutely nothing. I recant absolutely nothing. Shame on those who recant the Word of the Lord and concede the righteous fight. Shame on those who take the path of least resistance. The Bible NEVER says to surrender to the enemy. It says, “RESIST the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7, my emphasis). So, I will resist with all my might.

How about you? Will you help deliver the world to satan, or will you help Jesus deliver the world from the clutches of satan? If you don’t stand now, you will never stand when it actually counts.

You have no other alternative except to believe and trust. Um, who told you neutrality was an option? Not me.

This is your time to stand. You have been prepared for this moment your whole life. You will never have this opportunity ever again. You can’t do this moment over. Seize this day. Don’t leave anything on the field.

No matter what happens in the next two weeks, trust me when I say this is not over! I don’t care what our illegitimate Congress tries to do between now and the 20th. I don’t care if certain good guys in the Trump administration appear to be working with the insurrectionists because I know the good guys are leading them into an ambush. I don’t care if that creep Biden has his hand on the Bible ready to take the oath of office on January 20th; he will not be our next president. God Himself will intervene!

This will very likely go right down to the wire. You must listen to me like you’ve never listened before. Do not believe one word you hear from any mainstream or even (supposed) conservative news outlets. Turn those false prophets off right now! Their diabolical lies and psychological warfare will poison your fighting spirit and drag you down into despair. It will disable you from being able to hear Holy Spirit, and He is the most important One to hear from right now.

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Besides Holy Spirit, there are only a handful of people (that I know of) that you can trust to deliver the right information to you. You can find these resources in my postscript section below.

These patriots have the inside scoop. They are truly fighting for truth and justice. They have the plans. They have known for a long time how this was gonna go down. Like all the Bible heroes of old, they will be vindicated.

Yes, it is going to be biblical! I know this sounds beyond crazy, but these are crazy times. I promise you that God will not fail us now because we, the people of God, will not let Him forget the promises He has made to us. God is on our side because we are on His.

If you continue to stand with Trump now, the leftist mob will call you an extremist. They will cancel you. They might even try to kill you, but do not give in. Never give in!

Be extra discerning of the times. There is a time to wear your colors, and there is a time to go incognito. There is a time to fly high, and there is a time to fly under the radar. Listen to Holy Spirit. He is always speaking.

Be ever vigilant, but do not fear. Be prepared, but do not worry. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9).

This life is temporal. Fight for the eternal. Trust God. Trust the plan. Trust His man. Believe God and His prophets and you will prosper.

Don’t lose heart. Take deep breaths often. Take courage. Never back down. Stand strong. Stand tall. Truth will prevail. The Lord will prevail!

Stay the course, soldiers! Those who endure to the end will be saved and greatly blessed. We are not losing this country…not on our watch.

Come and build an ark with me.

Fighting for the sake of the world,


P.S. First and most importantly, follow Jesus. Read His words.

Secondly, here are the links to follow the aforementioned patriots. As far as I know, these individuals are on the right track and are not backing down. Please note that Gab is running really slowly right now because their numbers are absolutely going through the roof (mostly thanks to Big Tech banning the President and his supporters).


President Donald Trump (posts coded messages—hear what he’s not saying)

Dan Scavino (also generally posts in code)

Mike Pompeo (I believe he is a double spy and is ultimately on Trump’s side) Twitter: Personal: Official:

Lin Wood (great Christian American patriot exposing the cabal)

Sidney Powell (another unstoppable patriot exposing the fraudulent and wicked deeds of darkness)

General Michael Flynn (patriot general who knows what is going down—might post in code)

REAL digital soldiers (guys who dig for the truth and have insights into the code)




(Also pay attention to who these guys repost often.)

True Prophets of the Lord

Hank Kunneman, YouTube: Soul Prosper and Hank and Brenda Kunneman

Amanda Grace, YouTube: Ark of Grace Ministries

Tim Sheets, YouTube: Oasis Church

Dutch Sheets, YouTube: Dutch Sheets

Mario Murillo, Blog, YouTube: Mario Murillo

Mark Taylor, Parler: @patton6966

Chris Yoon, YouTube: Chris Yoon

Also check out the Flashpoint program on The Victory Channel

Also, if for whatever reason my blog is de-platformed, here is my brand-new Gab account:

The awakening has come, and we’re never going back to OK.

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