Good Grief, Charlie Kirk.

This blog post is my indignant response to the weakness and blindness of Charlie Kirk that I heard in the below video. Please watch the first five minutes (9:00 to 14:00) so you know what I am talking about. (Trust me, you will be totally lost if you read my blog without watching this first.)

Disclaimer: I could only bear the agony of watching the first five minutes or so. If one of my readers watches the whole episode and informs me that Charlie Kirk actually stands up like a man, I will penitently retract this. But for now, hold on. Because Here. We. Go.

Charlie Kirk. I’m curious. When exactly did you go blind and deaf?

So, you “refuse to do anything but be committed to good cheer, positivity, and optimism.” Gee, I bet the passengers on board the Titanic were committed to those exact same ideals. A little realism, in fact, can go a long way in saving lives.

Charlie Kirk's appearance isn't worth your time - The ...

(Please note that I am momentarily leaving God’s sovereign plan out of the discussion. To begin with, I want to talk about this strictly from a reasonably well-informed secular point of view, which includes the wholly erroneous assumption that Creepy Joe is president.)

Now, we should a step back and ask ourselves the question, “Is it as bad as it feels?” The answer is no, Charlie. It’s actually much worse, and I’ll explain why in just a moment.

Do I have this right? You’re measuring how bad the current situation is by how small of a majority the demoncrats hold in the House and Senate? C’mon man. You act as if their slim majority is a good thing, as if you expect turncoat Republicants like McCarthy and McConnell to actually hold the line against Pelosi and Schumer. We realists know these proven traitors will do no such thing.

But, yeah. Just forget about the stolen election and all those who took part in covering it up. Act like it never happened. Act like Arizona, Georgia, and five other states were fairly lost rather than brazenly pilfered right out of our hands.

Just go back to business as usual. Go back to heading up your Con Inc. shell corporation that collects millions in donations, so TPUSA can then hold bigger conferences and even more young people can be abused, so you can then collect more millions, so you can then add more millions of Twitter followers to your profile.

(BTW, why haven’t you been permanently banned from Twitter, yet? I guess you must still be appeasing the right people. Oh, and just so you know, President Trump does have access to social media. It’s called Gab. You should go there, too—that is, if you genuinely support free speech and free expression.)

I have news for you, Charlie. There are approximately 79,999,999 patriots who will not quickly forget what just happened, and the truly determined loyalists among us will never let the murderous Maoist mercenaries get off scot-free with what they’ve done to us.

The Patriot **** (2000, Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Jason ...

Well, I guess the rest of us already have it covered. So, you can just sit back and relax, man. It’s not like there’s any urgency. It’s not like there are any communist overlords arresting people for posting the “wrong” memes on social media. It’s not like we have Chinese troops inside our country and Chinese warships sitting right at our front door.

It’s not like the demoncrats have their idiot, illegitimate CEO signing dozens of EO’s and wiping out tens of thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen. It’s not like legislation has already been proposed that will guarantee we’ll never have an honest election ever again.

If this battle for the presidency truly has been lost—and it hasn’t been, readers—then there is no 2022, genius. The D.C. swamp rats are vigorously working to ensure a perpetual demoncrat supermajority. If truth be told—I assume that’s what we both want—the CCP handlers who are pulling their strings couldn’t care less about rigging future elections or passing boatloads of communist legislation. No, their country is ready to take the kill shot now.

But don’t break a sweat, Charlie. Because it’s not as bad as it seems.

Huh, if you had anything to say about it, America would not even exist in 2022. Good thing you aren’t in control of our future. Good thing God has a remarkable, biblical-sized destiny still in store for the United States, and no man, woman, or force of hell will be able to stop it from coming to fruition.

Dude, you’re off your ever-loving rocker if you think Christians just need to be soothed and encouraged and comforted right now. That’s utter nonsense. All believers must wake the heck up and be sincerely repenting before God over how we have allowed satanists to command every lever of power in our government and culture.

(You are still fighting the “culture war,” right? That’s certainly debatable based on how your charitable organization so lewdly runs its “student” conferences.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Believers must wake up and repent, and if necessary, they should take a little lesson from the Black Robed Regiment, the preachers who literally took up arms to defend their congregations in the American Revolutionary War.

I assume you still remember the Revolutionary War from history class.

1775 - The Second Continental Congress/ Olive Branch ...

Charlie, you possess perhaps 100 times more knowledge about world history than I do, yet you have absolutely no discernment of the times we’re living in. Thank God they didn’t have your leadership during the Second Continental Congress.

Your advice to the founders in 1776 would have been something along these lines: “Let’s just wait until 1778 or 1780 to attempt to declare independence from England. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even be able to negotiate some sort of peace deal by then.”

NEVER! Peace between light and darkness is unsustainable. Appease the darkness, and it will only grow. Give me liberty or give me death!

Today, as in 1776, there are only patriots and traitors. You, Charlie Kirk, have just outed yourself as a traitor. If you aren’t willing to stand and fight and die on this battlefield, then I say you have no business calling yourself an American.

Or instead of acting like a neutered numbskull, you could actually fight for what you’ve been saying you believe. Fight for God! Fight for Trump! Fight for the children!

The fight is not ten years or even two years down the road. It is right here, right now! Unless you repent and change course, it seems that we know whose side you’ll be on when the fighting starts. And believe me when I say that there will be war. Only, it won’t be started by a bunch of hot-blooded rednecks. It will be started by Antifa, BLM inc., and their much fiercer CCP counterparts.

Unlike you, we understand that it’s now or never. We choose to stand and fight for America, for our children’s future, for everything we were, everything we are, and everything we can be.

But most of all, we will never forget who backstabbed, betrayed, and delayed and who remained faithful to the end.

Live free or die,


P.S. Please listen, folks. This is dreadfully important.

If I thought even for one second that this Pedo Prez was actually in control of our country, I’d be madder than a wet hornet and a heck of a lot more lethal. I thank God for revealing the truth to me because without that insight—well, you know. Please read my last two posts In a Blackout and This is Yuge! so that you can be as confident as I am of the fact that President Trump is still in control.

I realize many of you are weary of waiting and are ready to spring into action. I understand your patience is wearing thin, to say the least. However, I ask you to please heed the following warning (which has also been proclaimed by Lin Wood).

While it is indescribably noble that you are willing to die for the cause of liberty, President Trump does not want bloodshed. By the grace of God, we are going to take back our country (mostly) peacefully. I assure you that there are superbly strategic plans being worked out behind the scenes toward the accomplishment of that objective.

Nevertheless, China’s lust for America does not end where bloodshed begins. So, yes, it is highly likely that some of our military and even some civilians will perish. We must let President Trump and our military do their jobs. So, unless and until you hear otherwise, take every possible precaution to stay out of the fray. But should the fight literally come to your door, you know what to do to defend yourself, your family, and your country.

P.P.S. I also want you all to know that I don’t say these things about leaders such as Charlie Kirk just to go off on someone or to grab my fifteen minutes of fame. I mainly write exhortations about well-known leaders to expose the toxicity of their delusions. I simply cannot stand by and watch while these influencers lead you astray and distract you from warring in the right wars.

If you’re unlike Charlie Kirk and actually want to know what God is doing, take a listen to this insightful interview with Kat Kerr and Steve Schultz as well as this fiery prophetic word from Robin Bullock.

We’re not dead yet, so watch us burn.


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