The Coming Wrath of…the Pastors?

In just a few days, you are going to witness something so ungodly you will be tempted not to believe your eyes and ears. And believe it or not, I’m not referring to the pedophilia. Once the world knows that Donald Trump is still legally and legitimately America’s president, some of the worst backlash will come from the seemingly strangest of places—the church. Yes, pastors and Christian leaders will be some of the loudest voices you will hear opposing the preservation of our Republic by President Trump and the white hats.

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The very same pastors who told you that God is in control and it doesn’t matter who is in office; the very same pastors who were deafeningly silent during the uncovering of earth-shaking, game-changing election fraud; the very same pastors who tell you not to get involved in politics; the very same pastors who tell you to unthinkingly submit to the governing authorities; those very same pastors will now falsely accuse President Trump of instigating a coup against Biden and the Democrats.

Even some who feigned that they were for him will turn on him. Even some who prophesied he would be president will come out and horrifically lambaste him.

Brace yourselves. This will be some of the vilest, most vindictive, most vitriolic hate you will ever hear. To the dumbed-down sheep who do not have ears to hear, it will sound like righteous indignation, but it will be nothing of the sort. It is coming straight from the pit of hell, straight from the demons who are furious that their plans for world domination have been delayed.

Rather than celebrating the time of renewal and revival that is imminent, droves of preachers from all denominations will hiss and sneer and howl at our duly elected president. When they should be falling down on their knees and thanking God for an extension of time, they will be attacking the man God is using to hold back the end times. You watch. It will happen.

The wolves in sheep’s clothing will soon bare their teeth and show their true colors. Long ago, they sold their souls to the devil for 30 pieces of silver. These vipers control the corrupt organized church that props up the worldwide cabal, and they will form the last line of defense to try to save it. But just like their political and cultural counterparts, they will fail miserably and be crushed underneath the weight of the collapsing NWO.

Repent, you workers of iniquity!

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing | David M Masters

These men and women represent what Mark Taylor terms the Deep State church, and they are pure apostates. These spiritual traitors will spew forth lies that sound righteous on the surface, but it will be defiled by the yeast of the Pharisees, which is religion or the religious spirit.

You need to understand that the religious spirit is not of God. It is of the devil. Thus, even wicked men who are possessed by this spirit can pretend to be pious and put on airs of godliness. Jesus cautioned us to avoid anything and anyone that is tainted by that spirit. Why is that so crucial? Because the religious spirit gives birth to apostasy, or a falling away from Christ.

The next ploy of the devil will be to tempt many believers to fall away from Christ through the deception coming from these anti-Christs, these false prophets and false teachers. But they will again in large part fail. For some of them will shortly thereafter be charged with pedophilia, criminal conspiracy, and/or a host of other crimes against humanity. Thus, the legally-innocent, but spiritually corrupt heretics will earn a bad reputation for agreeing with those scandalous felons. Even most sheep will see right through the delusion at that point. Sadly, a few will continue being deceived and led down the path of destruction.

Don’t be deceived! I say again, don’t be deceived! If you only follow the Good Shepherd, you will never be led astray by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And you can praise God right now for protecting your soul from leaders you didn’t know were controlled by satan.

According to the prophets, this is the last and greatest stage of the great exposure where God will reveal and lay naked all the snakes that have been slithering amongst His people, teaching doctrines of demons and deceiving many. As the axe is being laid to the root of the tree and man-made structures are being torn down (some quite literally), it will spark the global reformation of God’s true church, His bride, His ekklesia, and at the same time, it will catalyze a great, unstoppable global revival.

Are you ready? Then, let’s gooooooo! 

Following the Good Shepherd,


P.S. I can’t end this one without saying a prayer.

Dear God, hold me back. I already feel the righteous indignation rising within me, that burning hatred of all that is wicked and at war with the King of Heaven. I ask You to help me keep my nose clean while at the same time not allowing evil to speak unopposed. Help me strongly rebuke the lies but forgive the sinner.

God, give Your people eyes to see and ears to hear what only You are saying. Give us discernment, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and insight. Please, God. I implore You to spare Your precious children from falling away into deception. Lead us in the paths of righteousness for Your Name’s sake. Be our refuge in this coming storm. Hide us in the cleft of the rock. Lord Jesus, keep us true!

Here we are. Lord, won’t You do a great work of reformation within Your people?! Purify us in Your fire that we may be ready to labor in the fields with You and bring in the harvest. Lord, send revival. Spirit, move. Heaven, break out. We praise You, Jesus! We thank You for who You are and what You are about to do! In the everlasting, all-powerful Name of Jesus, we pray! Amen!

Devil, this is not your day. You will not have your way in the USA, no way. This is God’s day, and He will most certainly have His way. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

“Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” (Psalm 94:16).

Will you?

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