Lately, I have been realizing that the calls to ditch the masks are getting stronger and stronger (FINALLY!), but they are still too sporadic to do much good for those who are stuck in fear—fear of losing jobs, getting arrested, etc. People do not recognize just how much they are being dictated to by irrational fear.

You see, those outrageous video clips of people being berated, harangued, and assaulted for not wearing masks are fairly rare occurrences. There might be hundreds or thousands of those such instances, but there are 350 million people in this country!

Despite there being a mask mandate in my state for the last ten months or so, I have not once worn a mask to go anywhere. And I have not once been assaulted or harassed for not wearing one. I have not once been thrown out of a store. Less than a handful of times has anyone even said anything to me about it, and they didn’t even have an attacking tone when they addressed me.

I hope you all know that mask mandates, no matter who signs them, do not have the force of law behind them. Law enforcement officers literally have no law to enforce! Thus, the “orders” can basically be regarded as suggestions.

Moreover, face masks/coverings have never been scientifically proven to prevent the spread of flu viruses like the coronavirus. Rather than helping, they actually hurt the wearer’s health. Masks are EXTREMELY detrimental to your physical health and wellbeing. (If you don’t already know this, please read the article I share in the postscript section below.)

The experts have actually proven that mask wearing literally damages every organ in your body! So, by wearing a face mask every day and everywhere you go, you are committing slow suicide.

What, then, is holding you back from ripping that diseased diaper off your face? I guarantee you it is some sort of irrational fear. Would it help you to know that millions of other people were taking the same action right alongside you? I bet it would.

So, here is what we’re going to do. On Thursday, February 25, 2021, millions of people all across America will be going out without a face covering—to work, to school, to the store, to the gym, to restaurants, everywhere! Yes, you are going to come out in public with your face bare-naked. (Unless you have a beard, that is. You don’t have to shave that off. Haha.)

This will be the day of the great unmasking of America, the day that mask tyranny is ended once and for all. We will call it National Show Your Face Day. It is important that we coordinate and make the move together on this day because there is strength in numbers. There is safety in numbers. They might be able to stop one or two of us, but they cannot stop millions of us.

Although I needed to put this out early enough so the message would have time to spread, you need to be aware that with there being an advanced notice of the date, there may be threats or threatening announcements from some of your employers saying that anyone who comes into work without a mask on will be immediately fired. There might even be threats from politicians or law enforcement (← unlikely).

These are all toothless threats! They are on the wrong side of the law, and they know it. Nevertheless, they will pretend to have all the power, but that is a big fat fib.

The coming intimidation will be a pure bluff because they don’t hold all the cards. We do. We The People have ALL the power! The ruling class only has power when we yield it to them. Choose to yield it no more!

I assure you that your employers literally cannot afford to fire one-fourth or half or three-fourths of their workforce. I have been saying this for months: they cannot fire us all! They cannot arrest us all! And with all of us standing together, they will not want to touch one of us. If we all STAND TOGETHER, they are beaten!

United we stand!

You also have to realize that, despite the lies claiming otherwise, organized protests do work. And I give you one perfect example: labor unions. Labor unions and labor strikes have been successfully used for over a hundred years to negotiate for better working conditions. Did you know that by making you wear a face covering, employers are violating the OSHA standards for the amount of oxygen that must be supplied in the work environment? It’s true. (Read about it in the article I share in the postscript.)

The solution is very simple—stop wearing the masks. You and your coworkers may choose to present a demand to your employer that you must be allowed to work without wearing a face covering, or you will go on strike and sue them for violating OSHA standards and forcing you to labor in poor working conditions. (I’m not an attorney, so please don’t consider this legal advice.)

You can throw off the bonds today, or you can be enslaved for all eternity. This is your big opportunity, and it might be your last. Are you going to stay bowed down so big government can continue raping you, or are you going to stand up and throw off those wicked bastards? (Don’t cringe little snowflake. I am merely calling them exactly what they are.)

If you’re still waiting on permission from Big Brother, I promise you it will never come. If you are waiting for the perfect moment, I promise you it will never come. The devil will make damn sure you always remain just a little too uncomfortable.

If you are like me and millions of others who are appalled at the depraved communism and tyranny that is plaguing this nation, then this is the best, most practical thing you can do right now to push back. But if we can’t do even this small thing, we all might as well line up for the firing squad right now.

On February 25, 2021, take your first step toward freedom and toss your mask in the trash, never to be put back on. Subtle stutter steps will not suffice. Take the giant leap now or stay paralyzed in fear forever.

Get organized within your workplaces, schools, and communities. Stand united with your peers, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates. This might sound stupid, but you must mutually pledge to each other your Lives, your Fortunes and your sacred Honor! If there was ever a time to stand, it is NOW!

Don’t try to reason yourself out of it. At this point, there is absolutely no reasonable excuse to keep wearing a face mask. Choose to take back your health. Choose to take back your life.

But most importantly, FEAR NO MORE!

On February 25, 2021, the eve of Purim, when the Jews celebrate their ancestors’ deliverance from a royal death decree, we shall also celebrate our deliverance from royal death decrees.

I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces again on February 25, 2021!

Here’s to freedom!



P.S. If someone wants to take this movement worldwide, go for it!

Below are some hashtags to use on social media as you spread the message.

#ShowYourFaceDay #TheGreatUnmasking #AllTogetherNow #AsOne #StandUnited #MasksOffChainsOff #BreakFree #NoExcuses #EnoughIsEnough #NoFreedomNoWork #NowOrNever

More resources ↓

Here is the Medical Journal article I mentioned that discusses some of the severe health risks of mask wearing, as well as OSHA standards on oxygen availability in the workspace (see pages 9-11)

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

According to

“The ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public. The purpose of the law is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.”

In other words, if you have some sort of disability that inhibits you from wearing a mask, you can simply claim that your employers, along with anyone else who threatens to withhold fair access because of your refusal to wear a mask, are discriminating against you. They are discriminating against you on the basis of your medical condition. (Believe me, the word discrimination is a very powerful tool.) And, by the federal law known as HIPPA, your health information is private, so they cannot lawfully inquire as to what your medical condition is.

Again, none of this information is intended to be legal advice.

Greatest resource of all → The Holy Bible

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