Things are NOT What They Seem!

I just knew that dreadful day would come—that day when I would have to print a retraction and apologize for something I have written. (FYI, I wrote it on Gab.)

Please forgive me, Amy Coney Barrett, for jumping to conclusions and calling you a loser and a traitor.

And before you, my fellow patriots, jump to conclusions and attack me, I ask you to put aside your emotions for a moment and think logically with me. Come, let us reason together.

First, I will share what I wrote on Gab last night.

We all know that nothing is as it seems. So, what if Amy Barrett isn’t the traitor we think she is? Now, hear me out! I am not in any way excusing what she’s done. I am just as furious with her as anyone. I merely want to explore this from another perspective to try and discover something we might have missed.

Although she is duly sworn to protect the Constitution as a Supreme Court Justice, Barrett is also a wife and a mother who is sworn to protect her family. Could it be that her family has been threatened and is in imminent danger? “Well, that doesn’t matter,” you insist. “She should do the right thing anyway.”

I agree that she should have done the right thing regardless, but downplaying the significance of potential threats to her family is callous and ignorant. I could just as easily say your family doesn’t matter. What do you think about that?

Amy Coney Barrett thanks her husband and calls their seven ...

Really, who among us would, at the drop of a hat, sacrifice our families for our country? After all, our families are the very reason that we fight for our country! At this moment, you might swear to me that you would choose country over family if it came to that, but you don’t really know, do you? You couldn’t say for certain whether you would remain loyal to your country even if it meant losing your wife (or husband) and children.

Okay, let’s say you absolutely know, in your heart of hearts, that your devotion and patriotism do indeed run that deep, as deep as that of our country’s Founding Fathers who laid everything on the line for our independence.

But let’s also suppose that you knew things had already been taken care of another way. In other words, you knew the victory had been secured, and your country did not require your sacrifice. Would you still make the sacrifice? Heck, no! As long as you were certain that it wouldn’t compromise the mission’s success, you could technically go along with the demands of whoever is holding your family “at gunpoint,” and it wouldn’t make you any less of a patriot.

All that being said, do you remember the Executive Order President Trump signed right before leaving the White House? It was titled, “Executive Order on Protecting Law Enforcement Officers, Judges, Prosecutors, And Their Families.”

In that order, Trump writes, “Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers should not have to choose between public service and subjecting themselves and their families to danger.”

I believe Trump knows this is how the Deep State has been blackmailing certain law officers into doing their evil bidding, and I also think he will have compassion on the “traitors” who had threats made against them and their families. I also know for a fact that his plan did not hinge on things being settled in the Supreme Court.

Now, that’s what I shared on Gab. But something else hit me last night.

The more and more I thought about it, the less and less it made sense that Amy Coney Barrett turned on us. First of all, a traditional, constitutional conservative no longer cares about the rule of law? That’s just ridiculous. It’s like she swapped bodies with RBG. Is this Freaky Friday, or what?

And if her principles didn’t change, then is she just a coward? But how could she that suddenly grow a yellow streak down her back? I know for certain she’s no coward. Our eyes and ears did not lie to us; we all saw during her Senate confirmation process what a fierce, undaunted warrior she is.

Woman Warrior Quotes. QuotesGram

So, we could logically conclude that she is under some seriously intense external pressure. But I think there’s even more to the story. How many times have I told you that what President Trump doesn’t say is often more important than what he does say?

Yesterday, he gave a statement in response to the SCOTUS decision on his tax returns. He roasted the Court for allowing the left’s witch hunt to continue. Um, but where was President Trump’s response to SCOTUS’s refusal to hear the Pennsylvania election fraud case? Did I miss it? Does he suddenly not care about election fraud? WTH?

And where on Earth is his rebuke of Amy Coney Barrett? It doesn’t exist. Why? Why has he not once publicly spoken against her even though she has essentially ruled against him several times in election fraud cases? (Well, I can’t remember him ever publicly criticizing her before.)

I was talking this through with a friend yesterday, and we came up with something earth-shattering. It is obvious that President Trump knew in advance they would steal the 2020 election. He knew at least as far back as 2018. Hello? Remember his 2018 Executive Order on Foreign Interference in a U.S. Election? Ring a bell?

Indeed, like the master chess player he is, Trump had everything—and I do mean everything—in place in advance of the election.

What if, when he nominated Amy Coney Barrett, they had a little discussion about the future? What if Trump told her what he knew would happen with the election and that cases would likely end up before the Supreme Court? And what if he told her that they already had a plan to legally undo the CCP coup of America and gave her permission to do what she needed to do to protect her family, even if it looked treasonous?

Remember what I said earlier? “As long as you were certain that it wouldn’t compromise the mission’s success, you could technically go along with the demands of whoever is holding your family ‘at gunpoint,’ and it wouldn’t make you any less of a patriot.”

Is it starting to make a little more sense now? It sure is to me!

Supreme Court will not hear case this term on Down ...

We already know from reputable sources like Lin Wood that the cabal essentially controls the Court, through blackmail and threats, and when they put on the pressure, certain justices basically have no choice but to do their will. Being aware of this and also knowing the globalists would stop at nothing to achieve their goals, Trump instinctively understood that Barrett would be a target because of her family. I guarantee you he didn’t leave her unprepared for that.

Donald Trump has a heart of gold. He has been doing his very best to protect as many people as possible, including Barrett and her family, while simultaneously pulling down the worldwide cabal. Are you kidding me? Trump is not going to waste Amy Barrett on something that is already a done deal. He certainly doesn’t want his prize fighter, his Deborah, the righteous mother-judge, ruined for future battles.

Yes, it appears that Donald Trump has schooled the Deep State yet again, and I do believe Justice Barrett will emerge a hero. Someday soon, we might even be calling her Chief Justice. If it happens this theory is wrong, I guess I’ll have to retract my retraction. Oy vey.

And if by some wild chance you’re reading this, Justice Barrett, know that I still believe in you! Please don’t make me regret it.

Here’s hoping,


P.S. So, what about Gorsuch and Kavanaugh? I honestly don’t know about them, but I have a lot more confidence in Barrett’s innocence than in theirs. I also know that at least one person who appeared to betray Trump will be vindicated. Why? Because that’s what the prophets have been saying, and that’s what I feel in my spirit, as well.

Do you want more proof? Of course, you do. In a recent interview with Steve Shultz, prophet Amanda Grace said that (and I am not quoting exactly) there are Supreme Court justices who are being blackmailed, and depending on what that blackmail is, God may have mercy on them. (You will have to skip through this video to find out exactly what she said.)

This song goes out to all my fellow lady warriors!

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