Independence Day. Sooner than you think?

Well, I had my own plans for this next one, but as He so often does, the Lord redirected my path.

But first, in case you missed it, here is a recent message from my Gab.

If what I’m hearing is true and if I am hearing correctly, then the next few days will potentially be momentous. I am getting secondhand accounts that several prophets are talking about July 4th. I don’t know what they’re predicting will happen that day, but I personally think it is impossible for this July 4th to not be an historic day. But as always, I am not putting my eggs in this or any other proverbial basket.

The reason I have mentioned dates before is that I sensed something big would be going down. Sometimes the sense was so strong that I expected and probably led others to expect that Trump would be making the announcement that day.

I have never and would never intentionally disappoint people or lead them astray, and I have never given out fake intel (like so many others have, ahem). But let me just say that I still have much room to grow and am still learning how to operate in the Spirit. I have always tried to place a clear caveat on my predictions so that I wouldn’t be letting folks down if the breakthrough did not happen when I projected. I will try to do even better on that in the future should I ever make a prediction again.

All that being said, I am more than convinced that every single date I previously speculated did have enormous significance. I hope that when ALL is revealed, President Trump will at least share with us when major missions and events took place.

If they do so, these are some of the dates I expect will be made public along with what I think might have occurred.

January 30/31 – “10 days of darkness” ended?
March 4 – President Trump secretly inaugurated?
April 26/27 – Israeli cabal leaders removed?
June 6/7 – D-Day, “invasion” of occupied territory (D.C.)
June 19/20/21 – Liberation Days?

I just can’t help but say it. Wouldn’t it just be so miraculous if July 4th turns out to be our Independence Day? Huh, how long has Lin Wood been saying that it’s 1776 in America again?

Well, I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready to celebrate our nation’s new birth of freedom! Let’s get this show on the road, President Trump!

American Revolution - Wikiquote

One way or another, July 4th is going to be revolutionary. What will that look like? Don’t ask me; I don’t know. You know what I want it to be. I know what you want it to be. You know that I know that…okay, okay, I’ll stop.

Most of you are probably aware that President Trump is taking us back to the original, organic Constitution. But we are going back even further than 1787. Did you know that we have a NEW Declaration of Independence? It’s true. Our president—you know, the real one—signed it on July 4th last year. This I learned from a reliable source who is closely connected to the president. In fact, he personally knows the gentleman who wrote our new Declaration.

So, we’re really going back to 1776. It really is 1776 in America again. This means, as I previously predicted, our nation’s new capital will likely be in Philadelphia. And I am hoping this also means our real president will ring the Liberty Bell and declare our independence on July 4, 2021. It looks like every aspect of the 1776 cycle might be repeating this year.

USA 4th July Independence Day Patriotic Quotes Messages ...

Oh, and did you do the math? This Independence Day will mark America’s 245th birthday. 245. Term number 2 for number 45. Dude, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Almost a month ago, President Trump said that we’re taking back the country “sooner than you think.” While most patriots assumed this was a message to the rest of the world that he will be coming “back” into office before 2024, I actually believe he was speaking to those of us who are already anticipating his return this year. Lately, most of the patriots I follow on social media have been suggesting a timeline of August for his return. So, when President Trump says, “sooner than you think,” I think he might have been subtly signaling that it will be sooner than August. Or I could be wrong. Again.

Several prophetic words I heard a while ago have come back to me recently. I don’t have time to share them all, but each one seems to synchronously point to July 4th. I’m sure the reason I didn’t connect all this before is because I didn’t want to. (Have I told you lately that we see what we want to see?) I wasn’t ready or willing to hear back in January or February that we would have to endure this nightmare of a sham all the way to summer. Though I still wonder why my predictions didn’t pan out how and when I expected, I know God’s timing is perfect, and I’m certain it will all make sense on the other side.

Should the Liberty Bell Leave Philadelphia? :: Right & Free

You know, if I seem to be growing impatient, it’s because I am!

I am impatient because I am witnessing irreparable damage being caused because the people of America foolishly believe that the fake, illegitimate president of the bankrupt Corporation of Washington D.C. has real power.

I am impatient because I know that although millions of children are being rescued from hell on Earth, hundreds of thousands more are being trafficked back and forth across the southern border and all over the world.

I am impatient because it is revolting to me that so many of my friends and family have supposedly decided to surrender this nation to the devil.

I am impatient because it is long past due for the faithful remnant to be vindicated and blessed before the watching world.

I am impatient because I miss my president.

President Trump updates nation in video from White House ...

Yes, this hurts like hell. Yes, seemingly irreparable harm is being done to our nation. But I know a God who can reverse all the suffering and all the loss in an instant. And He has promised to do just that. Resurrection day is coming! The Liberty Bell will ring to declare our freedom once again! Hallelujah to the Lamb!

No matter what happens this weekend, I am going to celebrate like it’s 1776 again. Who’s with me?

For the sake of Liberty,


P.S. Are you ready to respond to the aftermath of the coming storm (whenever it does come)? I, for one, know I’m not ready, not in my own strength, anyway. There is only one way I will have all the grace and strength and forgiveness and truth and wisdom and discernment that I will need to respond to people who will soon be left utterly distraught, devastated, and hopeless. And that way is not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of God!

Happy Independence Day! Let there be freedom!

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