If you’ve built it, they WILL come!

So, I don’t know all the details of what happened on July 4th, but I do know it was momentous. I believe that even as we were launching fireworks, the military was launching a massive assault against our enemies. Even as we were grilling steaks and hamburgers, the bad guys were getting their goose cooked.

I might make it sound humorous, but I am very serious about this.

On June 5th, President Trump gave a speech to the North Carolina GOP convention. It’s way too complicated to explain how this was confirmed, but his speech included the activation code for the mission that would occur the next day on June 6th, D-Day. I believe the result of this mission was clear as Richard Citizen Journalist began reporting shortly afterward that all federal buildings in Washington D.C. were empty. The D-Day “invasion” was likely a clearing out of enemy occupied territory in Washington D.C.

Our president just held a rally on July 3rd in Sarasota, Florida. I have no way to confirm this, but I would bet his speech held another activation code for the military to carry out their Independence Day mission the next day. Why do you think YouTube suspended RSBN the day before they were set to live stream his speech? Can you spell P-A-N-I-C?

President Trump was already hyping a “July 4th Freedom Fiesta” on his Twitter account at least a month ago. On the night of July 4th, he took to Twitter, posting video after video in a celebration he called “ilPresidento’s 4th of July Fiesta.” Most people would just laugh at the funny memes he made and not realize that they all had hidden messages. For instance, this one that ends with, “I’ll be coming for you.”

I also thought it strange that he would post so late into the night. For one thing, if you want to maximize your audience on social media, I would estimate that the ideal time to post is usually between 5 pm and 11 pm. Granted, it was a Sunday, and it was July 4th, so that might have been different. However, he still normally signs off by 10 or 11 at the latest, but he didn’t finish his July 4th fiesta until after 1 am on July 5th. I wonder if our Commander-in-Chief was up late celebrating a successful Independence Day mission. His celebratory posts, along with little hints I picked up from Dan Scavino, has me convinced that something very revolutionary happened.

The video starts off with “I am here as your president to proclaim before the world…” and ends with “The best is yet to come.” Nothing is done by accident. Nothing is a coincidence.

By the way, I’m not the only one who expected some big fireworks on July 4th. There were fireworks. They just weren’t visible like the ones we launched from our backyards.

Those of you who read my Independence Day post should remember how I said, “It looks like every aspect of the 1776 cycle might be repeating this year.” I don’t think that was an incorrect statement; I just had my history a little mixed up. Oy vey.

Contrary to popular belief, July 4, 1776 was not when the Declaration of Independence was signed. I already knew this when I wrote my Independence Day post, but it’s relevance hadn’t fully dawned on me. The fourth of July was the day that the final wording was ratified by the Continental Congress, thus explaining why that date appears at the top of our Declaration.

At that point, only the representatives of the Congress knew what had been achieved. In other words, the colonies’ independence had been finalized in secret. Hmm, kinda like how our military secretly finalized our freedom and independence on July 4.

“So, when did the people first find out about their independence?”

I’m so glad you asked.

“The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence took place in Philadelphia on July 8, 1776, as the Liberty Bell rang out from Independence Hall” (From BibleScripture.net).

The Liberty Bell first rang to publicly declare independence on July 8. Could it be that the first public declaration will be President Trump ringing the Liberty Bell on July 8? I know what you’re thinking, “Will this woman ever stop with her predictions?” Hey, I’m just relating to you what the clues I have managed to find and put together and what my interpretation of them is.

Speaking of finding things, I did a short search of Q drops and located these three. All of them were posted July 8, 2019.

July 8. “The STORM has arrived.” And see there… “Just because the ‘public’ is unaware of something, does not mean ‘nothing’ is happening.”

July 8. The Anon asks if Q is returning publicly again. Q answers, “The time has come to re_enter the public domain.” Are you paying attention? Think of this in terms of President Trump. He is still our president, but he has remained so in secret. Could it be that July 8 will be his time to “re_enter the public domain” as our president?

July 8. Focus on the center movie poster. I can’t think of anything else that would cause more panic in D.C. than the public return of President Trump. Notice how the “panic” poster sort of serves as the anchor to the poster on either side, both of them representing the exposure of the Deep State.

I believe that something will be exposed and made public on July 8. It will be the beginning of the storm and will cause D.C. to panic. If this is not a public Declaration of Independence, then I believe it will be something along the lines of a high-profile arrest or the results of the AZ audit being released.

Could we still have to wait until August? Well, yeah. I’m not on the inside scoop of things. I’m just observing all this from the outside. Nevertheless, I really don’t see this going to August. That is still the most prevalent prediction I see, but I keep going back to President Trump’s “sooner than you think” comment.

Alright, I have one more clue to share regarding July 8.

My mom is the dreamer in the family. She has had powerful dreams of President Trump and the death and resurrection of America. Compared to her, I rarely ever have prophetic dreams, but the Lord has also given me a couple meaningful ones over the years. I want to share really briefly a dream that I had almost six years ago and that I truly believe will soon be fulfilled. This one I have never shared outside of our family. I thought that part of it had come to pass four or five years ago. Yet when I miraculously rediscovered it in an old journal last week, I realized that it is a NOW word.

The date of my dream was July 8, 2015. I dreamt that there had been a STORM in our neighborhood. In fact, it was still raining (important to note). I can’t remember if I actually saw the whole storm play out in my dream. If I did witness it, it seemed to happen very quickly. What I remember most from my notes is the aftermath.

The storm had caused unprecedented flooding all throughout our community. I saw a particular house that was partially submerged, and it had endured structural damage to the point that the residents had to evacuate.

Flooding, Surreal, Living Room, Design

These flood victims came to our house seeking refuge and asked if the waters would reach us here too. We answered that we were on high enough ground and would be safe. We gladly invited them in, and they proceeded to make themselves at home.

(Backstory: These were actually friends of ours at the time of this dream. As of today, they have apparently cut off relationship with us because we shared the truth with them. This has been both heartbreaking and infuriating. Interestingly, the husband did not come to our house with the wife. She came with other relatives. Her husband did not show up until much later in my dream.)

All seemed perfectly well until an incident occurred with one of our visitors. A lady with whom we had no prior acquaintance had come into our house along with our friends. It was a strange scenario, but this woman had rudely ordered me to behave even though I had not done anything wrong. I stood up to her and told her not to tell me to settle down. She snapped back at me, saying that she would tell me whatever she wanted. To this I declared that I would not be disrespected in my own home. So, I ended up telling everyone to leave, and they did. The woman retreated very quickly; the rest left slowly.

My mom left the house sometime after they did, and when she came home, she was at to our front door with a young woman by her side. It seemed like Mom was holding her by the arm. The young woman was soaking, dripping wet. She was wearing a tie dye t-shirt and brightly colored pants. The impression I had was that Mom had gone to save her from the floodwaters.

(Backstory: This individual is another former friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen in nearly a decade. Our relationship was never a healthy one. I took a lot of abuse and bullying from her over the years; I was very young then and had not yet learned how to stand up for myself.)

So, the two of us moved forward and embraced each other. It seemed that my mom was visibly upset when I embraced her without hesitation, and I was slightly unnerved by that myself. After this, we all sat around a table and ate Chinese food. We seemed to be happy and peaceful together. In my dream, our house appeared to be much bigger and nicer than our current one, even though it was in the same location. We also had a young lady assistant in our home who had ordered our food. (It’s crazy. I can still picture her sitting in a corner of our house at a desk, wearing a headset like a receptionist would.)

I never remembered much of what happened next. The rest of the dream was very chaotic. The one thing I do remember is that the husband of our friend (the first one who came to us for refuge) was thought to be dead or missing, but he was found later on.

Though I had several inklings about this dream’s meaning, the whole interpretation was finally revealed to me in the past few days.

Obviously, the storm will not be a literal one with rain and thunder and lightning. It is symbolic of the cataclysmic event that is just over the horizon. The storm is not only judgment on the wicked, but it will also turn other people’s lives upside down. It will be a rude awakening, to say the least.

Our friends’ house being destroyed is also figurative. I believe these people are going to be thoroughly devastated by the coming storm. From what I can tell, they are totally unprepared, spiritually and otherwise. I’m sure we all have friends and family like this.

Parable of the Building of House on Sand - YouTube

I told you it was significant that it was still raining. If the storm arrives on the date of my dream, July 8—actually, whenever it happens—most of the damage will be over and done in one day. The flood of news will be swift and catastrophic, but the information will continue like steady rain for a while.

In the dream, our friends came seeking refuge and asked if the ground we were on would be high enough. Just as I am writing this, I am reminded of Jesus’ story of the house built on the rock.

Build on the Rock

24 “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: 25 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.

26 “But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: 27 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.” (Matthew 7:24-27)

Wow. I kid you not. I think this is the first time I ever connected Jesus’ parable with my dream. I am in awe. So, they have foolishly built their lives on the sand, on things of this world. We have wisely built our lives on the Rock, on Christ Jesus and on eternal things that cannot be shaken. That is why we were on high ground and would be safe from the storm.

Their taking refuge in our house is not to be taken literally either. I believe it is figurative in that they will come back to us, and our lives will be like a shelter from the storm.

I did not originally understand the significance of the woman who was unfamiliar to me. Why did I tell everyone to leave and not just her? And why would I tell them to leave over such a seemingly small incident? I now recognize that the woman who verbally attacked me represented a demonic spirit that was attached to the people we had invited into our home. Since we have authority over demons, the spirit immediately left when I commanded it to leave. Thus, the distinction that she was the only one to leave quickly.

There are two possibilities of what our friends’ sudden departure might signify. It could be that we will have to completely cut them out of our lives, or it could be that they will not be allowed to have intimate access to us.

Our friends represent one group of people. This first group will return to the remnant desperate for help and shelter from the storm. But they will not have a right spirit about them, and we will have to draw boundary lines or deny them access altogether.

Thunderstorm, Flashes, Night, Weather, Sky, Forward

The young woman that my mom went to rescue represents another group. One difference between her and the others is that she didn’t come to us. Rather, we went and rescued her.

The reason I think my mom and I were upset that I immediately embraced her is that we were still wary of getting too close to her, given her past. Yet the very next scene in my dream was of us eating together and being happy and peaceful. It was as if God immediately brought forth complete healing and restoration and redemption.

So, she is representative of the people that God will miraculously bring back into our lives, perhaps even those we will have to go and rescue from the flood. We will find that there is a right spirit about these people. The Lord will simultaneously heal our wounds as well as their wounds. I believe we won’t just be reunited with them, but we will grow together with them—you know, like how all healthy relationships ought to function.

My foolish pride didn’t want me to include the part about us eating Chinese food because that just seemed really odd, but I obeyed and shared it anyway. I believe this is an indication that the China Virus hoax will finally be over and that life will be back to “normal” (a good normal, that is).

As for our bigger, nicer house and employing an assistant, I translate this as the wealth transfer having taken place. I just want to make it clear that I do not care to have a lot of money because I know what a trap that can be. You know what they say about the love of money! However, I would much rather be the faithful steward of God’s Kingdom resources than some crooked corporation. I also know that our just God is going to bless the remnant and restore all that has been stolen from us, all the years that the swarming locust has eaten.

Lastly, regarding that little part about our friend’s husband being thought dead and then being found. This could imply he will have a near-death experience (as in almost dying, not necessarily having a vision of Heaven or hell). This is just pure speculation, but his near death might have something to do with the deadly effects of these satanic jabs. (I still believe President Trump has a cure for the vaccine.) Or it could be that he will almost die spiritually.

I also have to add that my mom has had multiple dreams where storms and tornadoes were all around us, our vehicle, or our home, but God divinely protected us. These provide further confirmation of what I saw in my dream and how I interpreted it.

For sure, God is moving mightily in relationships. You will be left speechless at the people who will come back into your life—not just those who left recently, but even those who left years ago.

If you’ve built your life on the Rock, they will come! If you’ve built your life as a safe place, they will come! If they have known you as a person they can rely upon, they will come!

How will you respond to them? I know how my flesh wants to respond. “Shame on you! You rejected the truth. You betrayed us. You deserted the country. You abandoned President Trump. You forsook God. And now you have the unmitigated gall to come to us for refuge? Ha! Sorry, but you’re on your own now. Go figure it out yourself.”

Jesus, Christ, God, Holy Spirit, Bible

That’s exactly what my flesh wants to say to them. Although it’s true that they missed the mark terribly, I could have been in their shoes, too, if God had not awakened me. My spirit knows I cannot reject them like they rejected me. The correct response is to say, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” If there is an owning of their failure followed by true repentance and a desire to grow in God, then we need to receive them with the love of Jesus and operate in discernment while building a healthy relationship.

So, what will you do when people come to you seeking refuge from the flood? Are you going to rescue them and pull them onto your ark? Or will you reject their cries for help and let them drown? I know it will be difficult for me to help some of them because of how they hurt us, but that is why we will need to be supernaturally empowered by God’s grace and filled to overflowing with the love of the Father.

Get ready to hunker down, folks! The storm of the ages is coming! (Eventually)

Take Refuge from the Coming Judgment

20 Come, my people, enter your chambers,
And shut your doors behind you;
Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment,
Until the indignation is past.
21 For behold, the Lord comes out of His place
To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;
The earth will also disclose her blood,
And will no more cover her slain. (Isaiah 26:20-21)

Preparing for the coming storm,


P.S. I keep getting confirmations that there will be blackouts (orchestrated by the black hats). I have no idea know how widespread they will be or how long they will last, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t be frantic. Don’t panic. These are some items that I would advise stocking up on if you haven’t already: medicine, food, water, toiletries, gasoline, battery-operated portable radio, portable phone charger (fully charged), and a generator (don’t forget the gasoline).

I know that the last item is a stretch for a lot of people. If you cannot afford it, I know God will make provision for you! He will not leave you without support. And I would just ask those that have the ability to please purchase extra supplies, maybe even extra generators, so that you can help those who are less fortunate than yourself. Remember to check on elderly relatives and neighbors, especially in this extreme heat. Maybe even invite them over if the power goes out and you have a way to cool your house.

Do you have what it takes to weather the coming storm? And I don’t mean the supplies I just listed above.

If you don’t have Jesus, you’re not ready. Simply knowing what is coming is not enough to prepare you. The world’s biggest supply of food and ammo is not enough to sustain you. The whole world will be turned on its ear. People will be crushed under the weight of the Deep State structures that will come crashing down.

The Word of God describes it like this, “And great hail from heaven fell upon men, each hailstone about the weight of a talent. Men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail, since that plague was exceedingly great” (Rev. 16:21).

Because of this plague of hail, there will be suicides, nervous breakdowns, heart attacks, strokes, all manner of unhinged reactions, and so on. I promise you that you are not ready to face the aftermath until you have the power of God living on the inside you.

If you have never said “yes” to Jesus or you feel that you have drifted from Him, I ask you to invite Him into your heart today, right this very moment. If you don’t know what to pray, you can click here to pray a salvation prayer I have written. He is waiting for you. He is knocking at the door of your heart. Answer it! Let Him in today!

Let us all pray this together.

Dear Lord Jesus, we need You. You are the only Way out. You are the only Way through. We thank You for awakening us for such a time as this. We don’t take it for granted. We thank You for allowing us to be here at this time to take part in the greatest revival the world will ever know.

We acknowledge our frailty. We cannot make it through this storm without You, and we certainly cannot help anyone else without Your strong right arm upholding us. We ask You once again to fill us afresh and anew with Your Holy Spirit. We need a fresh touch from You, a fresh fire lit inside our hearts. Give us everything we need to thrive in the coming days. Pour out Your love upon us. Open Heaven over us. Sing Your songs of victory over us.

God, we look to You. You’re where our help comes from. Give us vision to see things like You do. Give us wisdom, for You know just what to do. In the mighty and matchless Name of our Yeshua Hamashiach, we pray. Amen!

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