If you don’t understand all of this, that’s okay. I just want you to understand my major points and conclusions.

Do NOT read this if you can’t handle hearing dates. That being said, this is more than a prediction. I believe Wendy Rogers just revealed the entire plan to me. Piece by piece.

First, I was right about Josh Mandel. He is definitely in the know. In fact, he might be part of Q, too. He and Wendy Rogers are clearly tweeting in tandem to send me messages.

He tweeted at 5:37. She retweeted him at 5:41. She had also tweeted at 5:24.


These times match to Q2728 and 2546. Look at the 2nd one. 2546. The 25th Amendment for 46. You’ve gotta be shittin me.


The day before yesterday, Wendy and Josh told me that there would be a FAKE assassination of Trump & confirmed it again yesterday. Now, with Q2728, they are telling me that I have “more than I know.”

Why does Q2546 say to watch the FBI and DOJ? I believe because they are the ones who are going to do the FAKE assassination.


Q2546 also says, “When did ‘Q’ go active?” October 28, 2017. But if you count from October 28, 2020, using March 28 as the halfway marker (see Q3244), you get August 27, 2021 as the end date. Wendy just told me that the audits will be released tomorrow.

1st and 10 @ the 50 means halfway in football.

What else? This time, Wendy and Josh together point me to 2728. Two days ago, they told me together about the “assassination.” August 27 will be the audits. August 28 will be the “assassination.” 2728.

“It’s all there.” What was the date of the drop (Q2033) that Wendy linked me to that said “LIKE CLOCKWORK”—the drop that helped me figure out the message about the “assassination?” August 31 was the date, which is the same date of the event they announced together.

2033 is the military time for 8:33 PM.

So, the STORM began on 8/25/21 with the removal of POTUS’s Twitter. This was RED1. Today, I expect them to invoke the 25th on JB. Tomorrow, the 27th, the Arizona & Georgia audit results are released, & this will set the Deep State into super panic mode. On Saturday, August 28, [they] are most likely going to assassinate a CLONE of President Trump as a distraction (and because they’re cruel). This is what “BLACKOUT NECESSARY” means. It won’t be a literal blackout, but a deep depression.

Sadly, I believe this upcoming weekend will be “suicide weekend” because some patriots will be so distraught from the news that they will choose to end their own lives. BUT we are going to go from DARK TO LIGHT because President Trump will be revealed to the world on August 31, possibly in O-H-I-O. (I caught it, Josh.) Like Wendy says in her tweet, the military will be “bringing in the BIG GUNS” to protect him.

EVERYTHING HAS MEANING. Why did President Trump say “you’ll hear about it in three or four days?” This was about a (fake) assassination, not the virus. If you don’t count the 28th, then it’s three days to 8/31, OR if you do count the 28th, then it’s four days. “Three or four days” from August 28 to August 31. ROFLMAO.

8/25 – 8/31 is one week exactly. It will be “A week to remember”…forever.

Don’t forking hold me to this because it’s just a theory. Until it happens.

Wendy, can I get an “Amen?”

I could not post this on Gab. I don’t know if they have an algorithm working against me or if it is demonic interference or both. Whatever the case, I will NOT be stopped!

Devil, you and your damned hordes will NOT keep this word from getting out. Get thee behind me, satan. You little punk. THE NAME OF JESUS IS GREATER! YOU HAVE LOST! WE HAVE WON!



P.S. Please either share this blog post or the below gab post with your Trump-supporting friends and family. People are on the verge of suicide right now even without a fake assassination (that will appear to be very real). You and I are watchman on the wall, and if we know an attack is coming, but do not sound the alarm, we will have blood on our hands.

My post showing how they confirmed the possibility of a FAKE assassination. Wendy Rogers literally said to “share far and wide.


I predicted almost the exact same sequence of events a couple days ago. I had no idea how accurate this would turn out to be. To God be ALL the Glory!


Lastly, here is where I discovered that Wendy Rogers confirmed that the audits will be released tomorrow.


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