You are the calm before and during the storm. (Save this for later!)

If you are here BEFORE the news of the FAKE ASSASSINATION of President Trump breaks, you need to share this blog now and also save it for later. To put it rather bluntly, I have absolutely ZERO respect for you if you do not share this. ZERO. I have risked my very life to write about this. I have been targeted by the Deep State in ways that you would not believe even if I could tell you.

Now, if you have even a shred of a conscience, even a tiny bit of compassion towards your fellow man, the least you can do is share this with as many Trump supporters as possible. NOW. Why is this so important? Because patriots will be committing suicide in droves. Need I say more?

Don’t be selfish and keep this to yourself. Don’t be a coward and care about what people will think about you. Don’t be a traitor and let the Deep State suicide our fellow patriots.

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From this point on, I am going to write in past tense, as if it has already happened.

If you are here AFTER the news of the FAKE ASSASSINATION has been reported, I want you to know first of all that God is bigger. Jesus loves you. You are here for a reason. This world needs you. Do not give up!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


Yes, friends. The news of President Trump’s death is FAKE NEWS.


I have known since late August that the Fake News Media was going to report this lie of him being “assassinated,” and I have been spreading this warning constantly since August 24th. The reason most of you have not heard about it until now is because those who have known it was coming, those who had the power to make this go mainstream, refused to share it. When this is over, they will not be able to walk down the street.

I have even known all the major details. For instance, I knew that the event would happen in Las Vegas. I knew that they would report “Trump’s plane” had been shot down by a missile. I knew they would blame it on North Korea and that this would put the world on the brink of nuclear war. (I am going to assume that all of these details were correct. However, even if I missed one piece, that does not mean I am wrong on the main point that the assassination is FAKE NEWS!)

How did I know all of this?

For the last two months, I have spent countless hours decoding military intel that was posted to online intelligence boards by a group of people who went by “Q.” How reliable is this intel? Allow me to answer a question with a question. Do you trust President Trump? Because he verified this intel himself. It is far too complicated to explain at the moment, but I assure you it is true.

One method of verification used by POTUS and Q was to post at exactly the same time. This is one of MANY examples. Only 3 seconds difference.
Another example of a 3-second delta between Q and POTUS.

Do you trust Wendy Rogers, the State Senator from Arizona, the retired Air Force Colonel? Because she is part of the Q team. In fact, believe it or not, she has been guiding me over the last two months and helping me unfold the details of this plot one step at a time. I have multiple proofs of where she confirmed her identity, and I am planning to upload those to my blog as soon as possible.

In the meantime, allow me to pose a question. If Q was a fraud, then how is it possible that I knew all these details in advance? It isn’t possible.

Not only was the fake assassination predicted in the Q intel drops, but it was also prophesied in the Bible!!! God just imparted this revelation to me yesterday. I kept wondering why I could not locate this prophecy because I’d been able to find almost every other detail about this moment in time prophesied in Scripture. I believe the reason I did not discover this before is simply that the timing was not right yet.

Why don’t you guess what else is in Bible prophecy? Q is. Yes, Q is in the Word of God! I am currently working on another blog to explain all of these impossible prophecies.

Between the Q drops and Bible prophecy, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt—not one question in my mind—that Donald Trump is not dead, and he will not die until he completes the mission that God has for him.

For those of you who have been Q followers for a while, you need to know that this is all part of the plan. They included this one event in the drops dozens of times.

What all of you are likely wanting to know is when this fake news hits, how long will the silence last? When will we find out that Trump is still alive? Though the good news could be revealed in just three days, I have full faith that it will at least come to us in one week via an emergency alert on our phones.

Hold on! Have faith! Our Victory is coming!

Instead of having you read everything I have ever decoded on the topic, here are the major points and proofs for now. I highly suggest that you download the following images to your mobile device or PC so that you have them archived, or you can download the PDF file below which contains the same information. Trust me. You will NEED to have an offline copy.

For those interested, I will soon be uploading all of my decodes, including every confirmation from Wendy Rogers.

Here we go. By the end of this blog, you, too, should be convinced that President Trump could not have been assassinated and that he will be making his public return in short order. Please read to the very end.

First off, President Trump himself warned us this was coming. Read his statement over and over again. Think about it.


Here is a partial transcript of President Trump’s speech at his August 21, 2021 rally in Cullman, Alabama. I believe “three or four days” was not referring to him catching the virus but to when we will read that he is still alive.


Lin Wood noted how [they] told us during the Super Bowl halftime show what they wanted to do to America—engulf our cities in fire. Think riots and nuclear scare.


These three Q drops are VERY important.

Key sentence: “We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens.”


EAM = Emergency Action Message.

RED4 = Fake Assassination


Here are my most important decodes. You do not need to understand how I make these connections. Just try to follow along with my interpretations and conclusions. Make sure to zoom in if you cannot read them at the current size.

First of all, can anything stop what is coming—namely, our victory? NOPE.


Here is the first ever confirmation from Wendy on the fake assassination, which involves one of the integral drops to deciphering the plot. Pretty much self-explanatory.


Another comprehensive decode of a key Q drop predicting the fake assassination. I did not have every piece perfectly in place back in September. Two major points I missed were why they would need to change the news cycle and what “rogue_ops” means. (Hey, Wendy. I get it now!) I cannot explain the correct decode for either at the moment, but trust me, it’s all good!

I want you to focus mainly on the last half, starting with the line “SILENCE [187] – no risk…” Interestingly, an ISIS threat was just in the news on October 29. “News unlocks.”


The Where: Location of the fake assassination is Las Vegas.


The How: The fake news will report that a missile took down President Trump’s plane. Q500 and 521 both tell us that this will result in a nuclear scare. (4-10-20 = DJT)


This one will probably be too complicated and confusing for most, but it is meant to show you just how interconnected the drops are. Once again, North Korea will be blamed, and the event will involve a plane being shot down and a worldwide nuclear scare.

I recently realized that part of my interpretation of 1440 is incorrect, but everything else is accurate. I promise you that we will go from DARK TO LIGHT!

Yet another prediction that it will be a missile that takes down the plane.

North Korea’s nuclear capabilities were defused early on during President Trump’s first term, so any report that they have fired nuclear weapons is FAKE. “Stage set” and “great actors” remind us that it will be staged event with an actor, NOT the real President Trump.


So, what’s the conclusion? What’s the end of the story?


Read it. Believe it. Live it.

Hebrews 10:35-39

35 Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. 36 For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise:

37 “For yet a little while,
And He who is coming will come and will not tarry.
38 Now the just shall live by faith;
But if anyone draws back,
My soul has no pleasure in him.”

39 But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul.


Here to the end,


P.S. If you call yourself a patriot, you MUST share this with your loved ones.

Need more encouragement? Click here to start reading my Bible prophecy series. God made it abundantly clear in His Word that NOTHING can stop what is coming.

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