ALL of my decodes on the fake assassination.

As promised, here are ALL of my decodes organized by date, earliest first. You can see how I uncovered one detail at a time and adjusted a few pieces I originally interpreted incorrectly. (I still have a few pieces misplaced, but the main points remain unchanged.) Again, you do not need to understand how I make these connections. Just try to follow along with my interpretations and conclusions.

If you read my previous blog, you do not necessarily need to read this one. This is mainly intended for those who were not convinced by my other decodes.

For each decode, I first provide the link to the corresponding [Gab] post. I then include a screenshot of that post as proof of when it was posted. Next is my written explanation. At the end are the tweets and intel drops that were involved in my decode. I’m sure this is a lot to take in at once, but all of it is necessary to prove to the world that I have known EVERYTHING in advance.

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So, what’s next?

I think one of the main reasons that Anons have missed date predictions is that we didn’t fully understand that other things had to take place first. Boy, if only I had realized this sooner. Oh, well. I’m shocked that even people with “intel sources” haven’t figured this out yet.

Aside from what we know via Q4414, the following are major events that I believe MUST happen leading up to President Trump’s return. I’m sure there will be a few other things that happen in between, and the order I suggest here is just one possibility.

-25th Amendment
-Release of Arizona audit results
-Fake Trump assassination

They would not spend four plus months on this audit only to wait until after President Trump is reinstated to release the results. Wendy Rogers is playing a bigger role than most realize. The Arizona audit is absolutely a strategic effort by President Trump and the Q team to show the people the truth about election rigging.

President Trump said way back in January that the 25th Amendment would come back to haunt Joe Biden. I caught this right away and knew that it would have to happen, but I made the dumb mistake of doubting myself.

Even the devil knows that nothing can stop what’s coming. So, what will be the Deep State’s last play? There has to be another false flag. Something way bigger than Afghanistan. Bigger than the 25th Amendment. It has to be an event that rocks the world and completely takes over the news cycles. My best guess at the moment is that their last play will be a fake assassination.

I don’t know if anyone properly interpreted this comment from Trump’s speech on Saturday.
“The virus is back. I’m shaking hands with everybody backstage. I say, ‘Well, I don’t know. Is this a good thing or bad?’ You’ll read about it in three or four days maybe, hopefully not.”

Read about what? Not a covid infection. I believe he was talking about the potential for the Deep State faking his assassination. He’s hoping they won’t do it, but he’s warned us anyway. And why did he give a specific timeframe like 3 or 4 days? That would mean either today or tomorrow. I’m just making observations, not predictions.

I believe that when one of these BOOM events happens, then all four will happen in one week. That’s just my theory based on Q1440 (see below), but don’t take my word on it. I’ve been wrong before.

I know this probably won’t fit perfectly, but just for the sake of speculation…

Let’s say they go ahead & do the 25th on Biden as a “pre-distraction.” Then, when the audits are released, this could cause RED1 and RED2—POTUS Twitter removal (again) and a media/communications blackout. RED3 occurs behind the scenes. Then, they do an assassination of a Trump CLONE. Patriots would absolutely riot if they thought President Trump had been assassinated. That could bring about RED4, RED5, RED6, and finally the EAS.

All of this might be unleashed in the span of just a few days. So, when one of these happens, buckle up!

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Yes, a FAKE Trump assassination is definitely in the Deep State’s cards!

In my post below, I said that I thought the Deep State’s final false flag would be a FAKE Trump assassination. I didn’t even ask or expect Wendy Rogers to confirm this for me, but I think she did anyway.

She tweeted at 8:33 PM yesterday. That is 2033 in military time. Q2033 says LIKE CLOCKWORK. The date of this drop is 8/31. The date of the event that Wendy Rogers and Josh Mandel are announcing is 8/31. I knew it had to be important when I saw that connection.

This is crazy.

At 10:06, Josh replied to himself with a new link to the event. At 10:07, he replied to Wendy with the new link, and she retweeted him. Q1006 has a timestamp of 10:07. I have seen this drop a few times recently. I think Wendy might have signaled to it once or twice also.


PREPARED AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe this drop is about an assassination using a rogue or clone of President Trump. This Q drop is a warning to the Deep State that we are fully prepared to counter if they go through with this nefarious plan. They are warned that it will fail and that it will be their last play.

Notice the “count your beats” directive. There are 188 exclamation marks. Q188 is that pic of D.C. with an owl outline. Again, this signals that a FAKE assassination of President Trump would mark the end of the Deep State. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING!

Wendy, am I over the target or no?

BTW, how did Josh Mandel know when to post these tweets? I guess that means he’s somehow involved in the plan, too. And he was a Marine. Huh.

I don’t know the significance, but August 31 is also supposedly the deadline for the Afghanistan withdrawal. Just saying.

You know, I tell Wendy that I’m still a greenhorn with decoding, and then she goes and hands me a challenge like this. Let me just say it took me way longer than it should have to figure this one out. Ha.


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CONFIRMED AGAIN! Very real possibility for a FAKE Trump assassination!

Patriots, Wendy Rogers is literally asking us to “share far and wide.” I implore you to take this seriously. You might just save someone from committing suicide if you share this with your fellow Trump supporters. This is not sensationalism. Please do NOT take this lightly. This will be horrifying and devastating news to the patriots. Do your job and share!!! I will also be sharing with as many of my friends and family as I can.

This is now the second time that Wendy Rogers has confirmed to me about the possibility of a FAKE Trump assassination. I think she might even be saying that this is definitely going to happen.

You can read my gab post below for the first confirmation. Once you click on the post below, you will then be able to view the original post where I first shared my theory about a fake assassination. BTW, I never asked her to confirm this to me.

So, Wendy tweeted on 8/25 at 3:18 PM, which was less than 6 hours from my post below. The timestamp matches to Q538 (read it in full below). I don’t understand every little piece, but I do get the major points, and they all point to a staged assassination of a clone/actor Trump.

Comparing the terms in my posts and this drop:
-I called the fake assassination a “false flag.”
-I originally said that the next false flag event would have to be big enough to completely take over the “news cycles” to distract from the audits.
-I interpreted the word “rogue” in Q1006 to mean clone.
-I said that this move by the Deep State could not stop what is coming, that the plan would fail — “no risk” and “no capture – dead on arrival.”

What I haven’t said yet is that the psy-op of President Trump’s death would only last a short time, but I believe this tells us exactly that.

But are we certain this drop is about a fake assassination? Well, do you see that number in brackets beside SILENCE? 187. That is the police code for homicide. Yes, folks. Homicide. And what comes after that number? “No risk.” So, it is definitely a FAKE assassination. Rest assured that President Trump is NOT at risk. He is 100% insulated by the military and by the hosts of Heaven.

Wendy Rogers is also apparently warning that the event will be this week. Just be prepared and stay vigilant.

Imagine waking up one morning and reading the headline “TRUMP ASSASSINATED.” How would that make you feel if you didn’t know what I just told you? Think of your Trump supporting friends & please share this with them. If they don’t know about Q, I suggest that you at least plant the idea in their head that it is possible the Deep State will stage a fake assassination of President Trump. Remind them that fake news only does fake news. And encourage them to put their faith in God, who is always in control and cannot fail us.

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So, THAT’S how they’re going to do it! The dirty b—-rds. 

For weeks now, I have known about the Deep State’s ASSASSINATION of a Trump clone & about the possibility for a worldwide nuclear scare. I didn’t know the two were connected until the pieces clicked into place yesterday.

Nothing is random. EVERYTHING has meaning.

Jordan Conradson tweeted at 8:48 PM on 9/20, Mark Finchem retweeted him at 10:18 AM on 9/21, and Wendy Rogers retweeted Mark at 11:15 AM on 9/21. Yes, they are all “in the know.” Please view the image below for my full decode.

Those three tweets & the related drops paint a scary picture.

To sum it up simply, I believe the fake news will claim that President Trump’s plane has been shot down by a missile. Based on some of my other decodes, I am certain they will pin the blame on North Korea. FAKE! Kim Jong Un is on our side! They want this event to be the start of WWIII—worldwide nuclear war. It will only be a nuclear SCARE. It is necessary.

As I’m sure you all know, there was a similar attempt made on Trump’s life a few years ago. There was an unauthorized missile launch, and AF1 was forced to re-route. This is what 4833 depicts, but clearly, it is not just about a past event. It predicts a future event.

DEFCON 1, DJT, and FIRE & FURY are all back-to-back in Q500. Why? Perhaps the reason is that DJT’s “assassination” will be the cause of DEFCON 1, and the world will be up in arms & furious over it. Not everything will be clean.

When will this happen? I believe it will be done BEFORE the rally on Saturday, as “POTUS” is travelling to Georgia.

How will they convince the world that it was really President Trump? I don’t know.

What will it look like? I don’t know. Maybe it will be a CGI film, or maybe they will actually shoot down another plane.

Make no mistake, President Trump is NOT IN HARMS’ WAY! He never has been and never will be.

How long will this deception last? Just as President Trump hinted back on August 21, I believe it will only be “three or four days” from Saturday until the EAS rings out. That would be September 28. That date also lines up with a “done in 30” decode I did back on August 30 (the information was from the 29th). Done in 30 beginning August 29 would also equal September 28.

It’s the perfect storm. Q followers know that POTUS will be insulated on AF1 during operations. What if the fake news reports that his plane was shot down? What will our fellow patriots think? Will they be able to process this logically in the heat of the moment, or will they be convinced that the black hats have successfully murdered him?

Why is the military going to let them go through with it? Because you “Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.” Do not be afraid! In the end, this will all work together for good!

Do you TRUST the US Military?
Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command?
Do you TRUST God?


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Here is one screenshot I took of the revision history on this post so that you can see that I did not drastically change the post when I edited it…

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🚨 IMPORTANT UPDATE — 10/29/21 🚨

As many of you know, I have been diligently spreading this message for over two months now. If you only knew what I have been through for this, if you only knew how the Deep State has TARGETED ME because I figured all of this out, then you would be as convinced as I am that IT IS STILL COMING AND NOTHING CAN STOP IT!!!

Everyone thinks “suicide weekend” refers to the bad guys committing suicide to escape justice. NO. “Suicide weekend” is when patriots across America and across the globe will commit suicide because they have lost all hope. Because they will be led to believe that President Trump has been ASSASSINATED.

Wendy Rogers has confirmed dozens of times that the Deep State is planning a FAKE assassination of Trump (using a clone or double). My two decodes below depict just two confirmations. (Zoom in if you cannot see everything.)

Though I do not know the exact timing of when it will happen, I am asking you to please develop & maintain a sense of urgency with this. I have shared this hundreds of times. I need some other patriots to step up NOW!

It has been confirmed by President Trump that [they] invoked the 25th Amendment behind closed doors → Why didn’t we hear about it? RED3 (which is the 25th amendment) refers to a classified movement. Thus, I believe RED4 (which is the fake assassination) could technically happen at any moment. Again, do not ask me when.

No matter when it happens, all hell is going to break loose (but so is Heaven). People will be committing suicide. There will be riots in the streets. Death, destruction, and deception. We need to share this NOW to get ahead of the curve.

What can I say to convince you of the seriousness of the situation?

Do you need me to make it graphic? People will be jumping off bridges, blowing their brains out, slitting their wrists, hanging themselves with their belts.

Do you need me to make it personal? These won’t be just any people. These will be YOUR loved ones, friends, coworkers, neighbors, parents, children, siblings.

If you have this information & do not share it with every Trump supporter you know, and someone kills him or herself because you didn’t sound the alarm, their blood will be on YOUR hands.

I don’t care whether you share my post or whether you share the info in your own words. I don’t need or want credit for this. JUST SHARE IT!

Share on ALL of your social media platforms. Make memes & videos. Do whatever you have to do to get the point across. Share it & leave the rest in God’s hands.

The other warning with this false flag event is do NOT go out into the streets and riot. Stay inside. Trust God. Patriots are in control! Keep the faith!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


Original confirmations:


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Digital soldiers, what do we do when we discover a topic that scares the Deep State shitless?

We SHARE and REPOST en masse!

Believe me, this fake assassination message scares them. It is being censored everywhere! Everywhere means everywhere. Ya get it?

So, how many coincidences until mathematically impossible? Would four matches in one day be nearing the realm of impossible? Technically, there are four timestamps and six matching drops.

I am not taking the time to explain the first image. Please read the entire thread below, as I have already thoroughly covered these drops and their meaning.

See the matches to “stage set” and “great actors” in the second image? Remember how I told you that it will be a clone or a double of President Trump that gets assassinated? Yet another verification.

I already knew that they would blame the assassination of “President Trump” on North Korea. Looks like 936 and 1011 confirm that theory and also provide other pertinent info. Those of us who have been paying attention already understand that North Korea no longer even possesses the capability to pull this off, but most of the world does not know this. That is why NK DEFUSE and NK DISARM are strongly emphasized.

I’m telling you. The fake Trump assassination narrative must have been disclosed in the drops at least a dozen times, probably more, yet why does it seem that Anons are obsessed with everything else but this? What we should be most concerned about right at this moment is warning our fellow patriots that this scare event is coming and reassuring them that the right people are still in control.



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Hey, Deep State! Have I told you lately that we know your playbook?

Las Vegas.

That’s the WHERE. That is where you will stage the fake assassination.

“Nothing is random.
Everything has meaning.”

Wendy Rogers has been pushing that letter for decertification that 92 legislators had signed. Let’s compare drop 92 with 538.

The latter is about the Deep State’s plan to publicly assassinate a Trump clone. We already knew the fake assassination will be done via a missile shooting down a plane. Whether it will be CGI or real, I don’t know. All I know is that it won’t be POTUS’s plane.

Apparently, Wendy is telling us that this false flag will happen either in Las Vegas airspace or on Las Vegas tarmac. Based on 538, I had previously wondered if that might be the case, but I wasn’t sure until she pointed me over to 92.

Patriots, watch Las Vegas!


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Do you know what “Watch the Water” means? I DO!

Everyone thought the Evergreen blockade in the Suez Canal was the “watch the water” event we’ve all been waiting for, but obviously, it wasn’t.

I knew there had to be something more to this cargo blockage on the West Coast.

I was just thinking a couple days ago about how a nuclear sub could slip under that chaos undetected. Everyone is focused on what’s happening above the water. No one is looking at the activity UNDERNEATH the water. So, a nuclear sub off the coast of California armed with a short-range missile or a miniature nuke could easily and accurately target a plane taking off from a runway in Las Vegas. Who would be on that plane? A Trump clone. There would be plenty of witnesses for the event, just like Q538 says.

This could be it, folks! This could be Red October, the fake assassination, RED4, everything. I pray to God that it is because you said it yourself, President Trump, people are not going to wait much longer. I think many are going to strike out on their own if something does not happen by the end of this month.

Keep sharing this everywhere. People need to have hope when this does happen!

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[They] do not want people to know their sick plans! This message about the fake assassination is being censored everywhere.

Bring the thunder, patriots! Make it rain!

When [they] go through with the fake assassination, people will need to hear the #GoodNews! Share this NOW! You have been chosen for a reason! Be the LIGHT!

It looks like President Trump is saying it will be this week, but more likely, he is saying that when the fake assassination happens, it will be a week to remember. (BTW, he tweeted six minutes after I posted my “watch the water” decode.)

Nevertheless, would somebody please get a sense of URGENCY about this?!


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About that FAKE assassination…
You have so much more than you know!!!

Let’s recap what we’ve learned thus far about the Deep State’s plan to assassinate a Donald Trump double.

All of this has been confirmed and re-confirmed through Wendy Rogers, President Trump, and a few other “in the know” patriots. Please read the entire thread for all of my past decodes and proofs.

We already know the fake news will report that a missile has shot down “President Trump’s plane.” The assassination will be blamed on North Korea even though they no longer have nuclear capability. However, this will bring the world to the very brink of nuclear war, a necessary nuclear scare.

My guess is that a Trump double will be filmed boarding the plane, and then, probably as the plane is taking off from the runway, while it is still visible to the naked eye or to a camera lens, BOOM! SPLASH. FOX THREE. Witnesses and all. That answers my previous question as to how they are going to “prove” it was “Trump.”

I thought this event might have been discussed in the Q drops around a dozen times or so. I’m now recognizing it’s way more than that. I just finished assembling a couple new decodes to show you how integral this event is to the plan. I am confident about everything in these decodes except for one small piece, which is basically irrelevant anyway.

Looking back now, I realize that Wendy tried to get me to put these connections together a long time ago. Oh, well. Better late than never!

The one word I have stressed over and over again with this is FAKE.

It will all be FAKE.

Hold the line, Riders.
Justice is coming!

P.S. I’m thoroughly disgusted at how sinister this fake assassination plot is, but of course, with what we know about the satanic cabal, it is in no way surprising.

What is surprising as well as appalling to me is that the Anons who have been here two and three times as long as I have don’t seem to care about this. Where are you, digital soldiers? Why have you deserted your post?

By the way, you do know that our side is watching to see what you do with this information, right? Oh, yes. President Trump, Wendy Rogers, General Flynn, etc. They’re all watching to see who turns out to be a patriot and who turns out to be a traitor. Food for thought.

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I’m planning to upload other proofs and info either tonight or tomorrow.

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