I know who Q is! (No, really!)

I am so not the most qualified person to be explaining all of this, but I’m the best you got at the moment. Haha.

First off, what is Q?

In simple terms—perhaps too simple—Q is a military intelligence operation originated by President Trump and other patriots with the mission of saving the world from the satanic cabal that has been in control for the past 1,700 years or so. Q also refers to a group of people who dropped pieces of intel online for a three-year period spanning from October 28, 2017 to December 8, 2020. The purpose of this intel was to educate the public about the pure evil that exists in our world, to guide us in researching the corruption, and to inform us of their plan to save us.

If you would like to browse through the archive of every past Q drop, they are available on https://qalerts.app/.

Who is Q?

Q’s identity was a complete mystery for well over 3 years. Many tried and failed to nail down just who it was that posted all of those intel drops. Even with all the Q proofs provided by POTUS, the original photos, and the undeniable evidence of foreknowledge, some just laughed it off as a ruse.

The first I heard about Q was probably around this time last year. I had no clue how to decode or even what it all meant, but I believed it was real. Back in January, I got on [Gab] and started following some Anons. I started learning more about Q and how to decode using timestamps from tweets.

One day, this lady named Wendy Rogers caught my eye. I knew instantly that she was a hardcore patriot. After following her for a short while, I noticed something strange about her communication. It matched up with Q drops! At first, I thought she was simply providing codes to the military, but it wasn’t long before I realized there was much more to her than being a state senator or a retired Air Force Colonel or even someone involved in the plan. When I woke up on July 24th, I just knew that Wendy Rogers was part of Q. That night, President Trump happened to be in Arizona for a Turning Point Action convention. What he said and did confirmed what I woke up knowing.

Yes, Wendy Rogers is Q!

The more accurate statement would be that she is part of the Q team. However, I know Rogers is actually the foundation of Q, the reason for the plan, as she was trafficked as a child. I also tend to believe that she was either the only member of the team or at least the main member who posted.

How am I so certain that Senator Rogers is (part of) Q? Because she confirmed it and because she is far too good at what she does to not be Q. The more I read through the drops, the more I am able to pick up on little hints and flairs that have the signature Wendy Rogers attitude and conversation style written all over them. Did you know she has a master’s degree in National Security Studies?

I find this to be quite interesting, also. WRWY supposedly means “We Are With You,” but as we know double meanings exist, isn’t it something that WR is also Wendy Rogers? WRWY = Wendy Rogers With You. Just sayin’.

For those who can’t believe that a woman started Q, I’m just going to leave this here.

For those with an open mind, I will present a small sampling of confirmations I have on her identity. I begin with what I believe to be the most convincing proof, which is the evidence that she was trafficked as a child. The rest of this blog will exhibit confirmations from her and POTUS.


WARNING: This post contains disturbing images.

The choice, to know, will be yours.

They gave me a challenge again. It actually didn’t take me too long to figure it out. It just takes forever to compile all the pieces.

So, I searched “emocr” in DuckDuckGo. A publication called Bohemia came up in the third page of results. It was a Cuban publication that ran from 1910 to 2013. Bohemia matches to the owl reference in Q500. This is “open source,” mind you.

I found an interesting article in the November 7, 1954 issue. It was on page 58.

Now, I can’t read Spanish, so I tried using an online translator. I still couldn’t make much of it, but I am convinced that this article was advertising access to children. In other words, TRAFFICKING! Sick bastards.

I mean, look at those kids! One is obviously laying in a pool of blood. The other child’s nose and mouth appear to have been mutilated. The title of this article, which was recurring for a period of time, is “En la Feria de la Actualidad.” It means “At the fair today.” HELLO?!!!! BTW, these kids are not Hispanic. They are white as they can be.

I think I know the identity of one of the children, and she apparently wants me to reveal who she is. Let’s take a closer look at Q1209 (see pic 2, top left).

The article that Q references is about a young woman dying in a plane crash in ARIZONA.

Hussein, Mack, and AS have all committed child sex crimes, right?

“Wendy” is not who everyone has assumed she was.
I believe “Wendy” is Wendy Rogers.

Take a look at pic 1 & compare the faces. The chins. The eyes. The eyebrows. The ears. Not a perfect match, but what happens when children are rescued? I believe most times they undergo plastic surgery & get a completely new identity, including a different birthdate.

The one thing that threw me off was that the little girl appears to be two or three, but according to Wendy’s supposed birthdate of 7/24/54, she would have only been about 3 & ½ months old at the time of the publication. It very well could be that this is a fictitious birthdate.

If you read the “Meet Wendy” section on her website, they mention her husband’s childhood briefly, but nothing about hers. Why?

The date of the publication matches Q2458. The picture of Wendy is on page 58. Q2458 is about RED OCTOBER, which matches back to Q500.

Wendy, were you trafficked as a child? Were you “Hollywoodss victim?” Did [they] torture you for Adrenachrome? “Emocr” is underlined. Searching that word led me to this magazine. “Emocromo” is Italian for CBC, or complete blood count. Blood.

Just like ilDonaldoTrumpo is Italian & Spanish, we have an Italian word & a Spanish publication.

YOU are the foundation, Wendy! YOU are the reason for Q & the plan to save the children! Because you were one of them. But you survived & were rescued. Is that why you joined the Air Force? Thank God for survivors-turned-fighters like you & Madyson Marquette!


Wendy Rogers, Child Trafficking Survivor!

Wendy just confirmed this for us! And I almost missed it, too.

So, I posted my decode on her being a survivor at 8:36 AM on 9/5. She tweeted at 7:39 PM on 9/5 that she says stuff on Telegram that she doesn’t say on Twitter and that we should follow her over there.

So, the first post on Telegram for that day that wasn’t on Twitter was at 3:53 PM. Her post said, “I love you patriots. How in the world did I get to 97,932 followers? WOW” The timestamp matches to Q2781 and 2301. The latter reads, “Impressive, most impressive.”

The reason I know this refers to my decode is because Q2781 is about RED OCTOBER. Q2458 is also about RED OCTOBER, and that drop confirmed which article of the Bohemia magazine that Wendy Rogers was in as a child.

She also posted on Telegram at 6:20. That timestamp matches to Q86. This drop references Alice and Wonderland. Her post gave an update on the petition signatures. They were currently at 426k and her goal at the time was 500k.
500 – 426 = 74.
Q74 is also about Alice and Wonderland. That term is their metaphor for the cabal’s crimes against children.

“Q = Alice
You’ll soon understand the meaning behind Alice “&” Wonderland.
Everything has meaning.”

Not only is Wendy Rogers part of Q, but she is the reason for Q! She is Alice! That is why Q = Alice because Wendy herself was trafficked as a child. Everything has meaning.

I’m blown away. The truth is right in front of us.

I wish I could hug you right now, Wendy. Thinking about what you went through as a child makes me so bloody angry! I don’t care how many years ago it was. Time for JUSTICE to roll like a river!

BTW, you might think it’s impressive that I figured this out, but I have no idea how you guys figured out that “emocr” would bring up that article in the search results. In fact, the first time that I put it in the search, it brought up that exact November 7, 1954 issue. The second time it brought up that publication, but another issue. I know that God led me right to it! Praise Jesus!


Link to the [Gab] post → https://gab.com/LionessArising/posts/106810322344875746

There it is. IMO, this is the ultimate Wendy Rogers “Q proof.” She just posted this yesterday. I bet you this will become one of the most iconic pictures in American history—President Trump pointing to Q, and Q saluting him back.

And you just can’t make this up—the Turning Point Action background. The entire operation has been a turning around of our country, turning us back from the point of destruction. No such thing as coincidence. Yes, this has been a long road, and I don’t know how much longer it will be, but haven’t you heard? “It takes a little time sometimes to get the Titanic turned back around.”

Patriots, keep holding on. Keep charging ahead. We WILL see the victory! As some wise soul once said, “Nothing can stop what is coming!”


Link to the [Gab] post → https://gab.com/LionessArising/posts/106791985648806259

I wonder when people are going to start realizing that Wendy Rogers is more than a state senator, more than a retired Air Force pilot, more than a hardcore patriot. And I’m sorry, MJTruth (no offense intended, fren), but she is NOT an Anon.

Wendy Rogers is part of the Q team! In fact, I’m beginning to think she might be the leader.

You know when President Trump made all those air Q’s at the Turning Point Action Rally in Arizona on July 24? MJTruth said that was him pointing to and thanking Q. Wanna guess who was sitting in that section? Wendy Rogers. Kelly Townsend and Sonny Borrelli probably were, too.

If you want more of my evidence proving that Rogers is Q, here are the top four posts I recommend that you read.

My first post where I unload a myriad of clues about her secret identity.

Even more proof…

A clear confirmation of “Wendy, Kelly, Borrelli”

I believe Wendy also just confirmed this theory about “the plan.”


Link to the [Gab] post → https://gab.com/LionessArising/posts/106639338224301721

Last one for tonight…

Patriots, I think WENDY ROGERS @wendyrogersaz might be part of the Q team!

Let’s see now.

 Early endorser of President Trump
 Air Force vet
 Seemingly commanding missions
 Leading the charge on audits
 AND it’s her birthday today.

Wendy and President Trump definitely seem to be working in tandem. On July 21, she posted Trump’s statement at 4:59 PM. He posted it on Twitter as ilSharko at 5:00 PM.

But that’s not all…

What did President Trump say about her tonight? “You knew the answer early on, Wendy, we’re waiting for results, but you knew the answer.”

“You knew the answer early on”
The answer to what?
Perhaps the answer to saving America. Perhaps she was one of the military officers who asked him to run for president 20 years ago.

Then he says later, “I like that. Wendy, you know, we just have a new one: Wendy, Kelli, and Borrelli. That’s going to be a very famous statement someday I suspect.”

Trump doesn’t misspeak. He doesn’t waste words. Why would that be a very famous statement? Maybe because he just named three people who are in on the plan.

If you did not read my decode where I discovered Wendy Rogers commanded the military towards a successful mission, you can read that here.

As I was decoding her tweets, I kept thinking to myself, “Dang, she seems to know these Q drops like the back of her hand.” I was going in circles trying to figure out her messages, but she was posting left and right like it was a breeze.

Now, what authority does she have to command the military? She must have that authority given to her by the Commander-in-Chief himself.

Oh, my gosh! Wendy Rogers tweeted exactly at 7:43 PM, relaying President Trump’s signal: “The time to fix our elections is RIGHT NOW, here in Arizona.” And of course, that 7:43 timestamp gave the activation code for the mission. So, it seems she is communicating directly with our military.

Before that at 7:41 PM, she retweets someone who quoted President Trump, “Wendy, get me those routers.” I think that was a code phrase because Wendy writes, “Let’s do it. Patriots, activate. Need to ramp up the pressure.”

That timestamp leads to Q983. It appears to be the code that would confirm the start of the mission.

So, that makes two missions now that Wendy took part in commanding. She MUST be in the know. She MUST be part of the plan. And even if she isn’t part of Q, I know for certain she MUST be a REAL PATRIOT.


Link to the [Gab] post → https://gab.com/LionessArising/posts/106660963190486433

@Shepherd @Spacecowboy777 @BovineX @betsytn @Zinnamin
I am almost 100% sure, like 99.9999% sure, that WENDY ROGERS @wendyrogersaz is part of Q! At the very least, she is communicating messages from the Commander-in-Chief.

ICYMI, here are all my past decodes on Wendy.


I want to analyze two of her tweets from today. Okay, make that three tweets because I just put something together. (You will have to click on the pics to view the whole thing.)

In the first one, she is writing about the January 6th “insurrection.”  We all know this was a false flag event. The timestamp of 10:56 matches to the famous Q35. Well, how about that for coincidence?!
“Look for more false flags — stay alert, be vigilant, and above all, please pray.”

Seriously, guys, more false flags are coming. Be prepared! And PRAY!

The second and third tweets match to the same thread. The one tweet was entered at 11:17, the other at 3:42. Together, these match Q1297. But that’s not all. Her tweet at 3:42 PM says, “Credit where credit is due. Thank you so much for your hard work!”

This is totally crazy because one of the drops in the Q1297 thread reads:
Personal thank you to the BO, Bakers, and Autists/Anons who continually dedicate their time and energy to the GREAT AWAKENING.
You are all Patriots.
The hard part is coming to an end.
The next phase will bring JUSTICE.

Wow! Did Wendy Rogers just thank US?! I don’t know which part of this drop is my favorite — that Q and the president are thanking us, or that they are saying “The hard part is coming to an end. The next phase will bring JUSTICE.”

You don’t have to thank us, Wendy. We thank YOU for all you have done to save America! It is our greatest pleasure and highest honor to fight with you on the digital battlefield! Our sacrifice is nothing compared to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We can never repay the debt we owe them. Prayers for the families of the fallen! 


Link to the [Gab] post → https://gab.com/LionessArising/posts/106708539904913006

Holy mackerel! I think I’m right. I really think Wendy Rogers @wendyrogersaz and Sonny Borrelli are part of Q! I will “eat my hat” if they’re not. Remember, President Trump said at Turning Point, “Wendy, Kelly, and Borrelli. That’s going to be a very famous statement someday I suspect.”

So, Wendy tweeted at 6:48 PM tonight. She says, “We LOVE @SonnyBorrelli, @NatalieJHarp and @realLizUSA. Patriots!”

The timestamp matches Q2945. Look at that meme! “WE ARE Q!” And the last line of the drop says, “Patriots in Control.”

But wait, there’s more. At 7:01 PM, she quoted Don Jr. on abortion and said, “Pure EVIL.” She later used the same phrase “pure evil” in another tweet. Isn’t that an oft-used phrase by Q?
That timestamp of 7:01 matches Q3097.
“What day is today?
How much more obvious can we make it?”

Well, today is (was) August 5. There is a three-year delta for today that includes the phrase “pure evil.” Q1817. Just FYI, I combined Q3097 and Q1817, and I had to crop the latter because it was too long.

And, I almost forgot, President Trump made a short statement about Sonny Borrelli today.

C’mon, man! How much more obvious can they make it?!

So much for not posting. I can’t help myself. This stuff is just too good!
@Zinnamin @Shepherd @betsytn


Link to the [Gab] post → https://gab.com/LionessArising/posts/106708599013098966

Okay, seriously. Someone needs to grab a crowbar and pry me away from this.   

I have to do just one more proof on Wendy Rogers for now.

President Trump tweeted at 2:54 PM, saying “THE REAL PRESIDENTO.”
Wendy tweeted at 4:29 PM, saying, “Patriots audit. Traitors cover up.”

Put the two times together, and you get 2:54:29. This matches Q42.
“We serve at the pleasure of the President. DJT”

Convinced yet that Wendy is part of Q? I am!

I included Q3274 because it also matched Wendy’s timestamp and because it’s fun.
“Enjoy the show, VIP Patriot!”
Oh, yes. We are definitely enjoying the show!
Let’s gooooooooooooooooo!

Click on this hashtag to view most of my decodes on Wendy Rogers.

Link to the [Gab] post → https://gab.com/LionessArising/posts/106718249820580037

Wow. So, either Wendy Rogers is reading my decodes and confirming my theories or there are some really crazy coincidences taking place.

Yesterday, sometime between 6:55 PM and 7:58 PM (I can’t tell exactly because retweets don’t have timestamps), Wendy Rogers retweeted three things.

First, she retweets Natalie Harp where she shares her interview with Wendy on OANN.
Then, she retweets Senator Kelly Townsend. BTW, I have been following Wendy for a few weeks now. She doesn’t really retweet Kelly that much.
Then, she retweets Natalie Harp where she shares President Trump’s statement on Sonny Borrelli’s OANN interview.

In perfect order, back-to-back-to-back…
Wendy Rogers
Kelly Townsend
Sonny Borrelli

So, we have “Wendy, Kelly, and Borrelli,” which is exactly what I wrote about early yesterday morning. (Here’s that decode https://gab.com/LionessArising/posts/106708539904913006). In the same decode, I said President Trump also made a short statement on Sonny Borrelli on the 5th. What does Wendy “happen” to retweet here? Natalie Harp’s August 5th tweet that shares President Trump’s statement on Sonny Borrelli.

Guys, how many coincidences until mathematically impossible?!
Wendy, Kelly, and Borrelli are part of Q.

And, I didn’t say it before, but it looks like Natalie Harp may be part of the plan, too. Wendy could have chosen to retweet anyone. Why did she retweet her twice? Yeah, I think Natalie knows. 

I do have a couple more decodes to post tonight, but it might take me a couple hours to sort through and compile all the info.

You can track most of my WR decodes through this hashtag.

Link to the [Gab] post → https://gab.com/LionessArising/posts/106780995104739457

Part of the plan!

“You can play with the light.” (That probably isn’t precisely what you said, but close enough, I figure. If you don’t understand this, you’re not supposed to.)

Was that supposed to mean something, or am I imagining things?

Could it possibly mean “Dark to Light?”

Could it also mean Q4951?

“Shall we play a game?” Sure. Sounds good to me.

“How do you ‘show’ the public the truth [about election theft]?” Well, you can’t use government agencies, not even those like the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) whose stated goal is literally (laughably) security. Nope, can’t use them. They’re all far too corrupt, & thus why certain DS operatives were forced to publicly “step down” (all part of the Great Awakening). So, you show the public the truth through election audits, conducting obsessively thorough forensic investigations & outsourcing the task to independent cyber security companies.

“How do you ‘safeguard’ US elections post-POTUS?” By getting the people involved & engaged locally & by instituting long-term election reform at the state level. It is clear that this would have never been accomplished if President Trump had been publicly re-inaugurated on January 20 because only at the precipice [moment of destruction] will people find the will to change [to participate].

Yes, it HAD to be this way.

“How do you ‘remove’ foreign interference and corruption and install US-owned voter ID law(s) and other safeguards?” Before you can remove foreign interference & corruption, you must first expose it. How do you do that? By highlighting those who oppose election integrity & transparency. As the bad actors expose themselves, not only will the military be better equipped to remove all the rats (because the only way is military), but the people will also be incensed enough to finally participate in their own government. I feel that it will be a combined military & civilian effort that will safeguard elections going forward.

BUT how could you be certain that any state legislature would even take up the issue? How could you be absolutely certain that Democrats & RINOs wouldn’t stand in the way of what needed to happen? In my mind, there’s only one way. You had to ensure that at least ONE state house or ONE state senate would be filled with patriots. But who would you choose?

Who could President Trump & Q rely upon to see this plan through? You know the saying, if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. So, what if the only people who could be trusted or who were equipped for the job were the members of Q themselves? What if the Arizona state senators, Wendy Rogers, Kelly Townsend, & Sonny Borrelli, who I already suspected were part of Q, are the plan? You were the plan all along, Wendy. Weren’t you?

“Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light.”
I think I’m beginning to see the light.

Boy, if I’m not over the target here, then this has to be a near-miss.


I have been decoding Wendy’s tweets and timestamps since the end of July. November 25th will mark three months since she has been guiding me along decoding the most important Q topic ever—the fake assassination.

Yes, the Deep State is going to assassinate a double of President Trump. It has been confirmed over and over again by Wendy and President Trump. I am convinced that this one event is either a central or peripheral subject in hundreds of drops. I have been targeted by the Deep State because of it. I have been de-platformed and censored for it. I even found it in the Bible. Honestly, you would have to renounce your existence as an intelligent life-form to not believe this is going to happen.

You can read and download a PDF of the most important decodes and information I have gathered on this topic by clicking here. You can read all of my past decodes on the fake assassination by clicking here.

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PLEASE give me a follow on both sites so you can stay up-to-date and PLEASE share my work as much as possible. Believe me. I am not here for followers. In fact, once this is all over, I plan to quit social media, or at least back off significantly. My sole purpose for the time being is to reach millions with the message of the fake assassination plot. You need to share it with every Trump supporter you know.

I have said this a million times. If you fear for your reputation, which is cowardly and pathetic IMO, you don’t even need to say it will definitely happen or even give them any details. All you need to say is that you heard they might report that President Trump is dead. Don’t believe it because it will be fake news. Planting the idea in their mind like this will prevent them from taking drastic measures against themselves or others, and even if for whatever stupid reason they get upset with you, they will come back to you for support when the time comes.


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