You want the proofs? I got the proofs.

Click here to go to the latest update (11/26/2021).

By the end of this blog, you should be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that President Trump, Wendy Rogers, Jenna Ellis, Dan Scavino, and Lin Wood have been following me, guiding my research, and giving me credibility through an undeniable series of proofs.

If you have been a Q follower for a while and understand how decoding works and you know Q’s identity—yes, identity!—then feel free to go ahead and skip down past the punisher patch.

If you’re lacking any of those qualities mentioned above, please read this short introduction.

So, what is Q?

Good question. In simple terms—perhaps too simple—Q is a military intelligence operation originated by President Trump and other patriots with the mission of saving the world from the satanic cabal that has been in control for the past 1700 years or so. Q also refers to a group of people who dropped pieces of intel online for a three-year period spanning from October 28, 2017 to December 8, 2020. The purpose of this intel was to educate the public about the pure evil that exists in our world, to guide us in researching the corruption, and to inform us of their plan to save us.

If you would like to browse through the archive of every past Q drop, they are available on

Due to the restrictions of national security laws, they have had to operate within extremely strict and creative standards. For instance—timestamps. Each intel drop was posted at a precise time. That time is recorded on the drop, and we call it a timestamp. These timestamps not only intertwine with one another, but they also serve a particularly useful purpose in the present.

Ever since Q stopped posting almost a year ago, President Trump and his team have been able to communicate with us by tweeting or post at the exact same time the drop(s) was/were posted. Anons are able to discern their messages by matching these timestamps. Let me tell you. It is a very challenging and somewhat subjective process, but it is the only way that civilians without security clearances can communicate with the team about high-level/highly classified intel.

Here is an example of a simple decode using timestamps.

This should help you understand the basic format for all of my decodes. The others, however, will be far more intricate.

Frankly, the technique of matching timestamps is absolutely genius. Who else but Wendy Rogers, who incidentally holds a Master’s degree in National Security Studies, would formulate such a plan?

Yes, Wendy Rogers is Q!

The more accurate statement would be that she is part of the Q team. However, I know Rogers is actually the foundation of Q, the reason for the plan, as she was trafficked as a child. I also tend to believe that she was either the only member of the team or at least the main member who posted.

How am I so certain that Senator Rogers is Q? Because she confirmed it and because she is far too good at what she does to not be Q. The more I read through the drops, the more I am able to pick up on little hints and flairs that have the signature Wendy Rogers attitude and conversation style written all over them. Click here to read my blog filled with the biggest confirmations I have on her.

I find this to be quite interesting, also. WRWY supposedly means “We Are With You,” but as we know double meanings exist, isn’t it something that WR is also Wendy Rogers? WRWY = Wendy Rogers With You. Just sayin’.

The Proofs Collection

As I said in another blog, the method that President Trump used to verify Q as legitimate was through posting at the same time as Q or very shortly thereafter. We call these instances “proofs.” I now find myself in the very odd and original position of being given proofs by POTUS and Q. Why would they do such a thing? To prove to you that I am a credible source with verified intel and that I am a voice that you ought to be listening to!

What you are about to read is a series of mathematically impossible coincidences. If you are an Anon, you know exactly how this is going to go because you’ve been here before. Buckle up, buttercups!

Please zoom in on these images if they aren’t clear enough to read. If you’re on a PC, you may want to right-click and open the image in a new tab to zoom in.

One last little detail before we delve into my proofs. Think the timestamp thing is just something we made up? What if President Trump’s lawyer talks about them? What “normal” person talks timestamps? Until I got into decoding, I had never heard someone discuss the timestamp of a post. Never. It’s just not normal.

And what are the odds that 12:06 matches a picture of Las Vegas, which, as we know, is where the fake assassination will take place?

Another noteworthy match to Jenna’s “time stamp.”

First and most importantly, I will demonstrate how both Lin Wood, personal friend and advisor to the President, and Jenna Ellis, personal friend and a senior legal advisor to the President, confirm the il Donaldo Trumpo accounts on social media as President Trump. Yes, he is on social media under a pseudonym of sorts. Even though I’m sure he gains some satisfaction from putting out official statements, can you imagine Donald Trump going almost a year without tweeting? LOL. No frigging way.

Here, Lin Wood reposts—or forwards (whatever the heck it’s called on Telegram)—il Donaldo Trumpo’s birthday message to him. Why would Lin repost[forward] a birthday message from some random weirdo claiming to be President Trump? He wouldn’t.

This one is more important than I can say right now. I’m saving it for later.

President Trump (il Donaldo Trumpo) writes a birthday message to Jenna on Twitter, while doing a 5-minute delta with my post that matches my [Gab] handle and the word “friends.”

In this next example, not only does Jenna Ellis recognize his acknowledgement of me, but she also acknowledges that il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo on Twitter) is POTUS! Talk about obvious!

More interaction between Jenna Ellis and il Donaldo Trumpo on Twitter.

Here, President Trump did a ZERO-DELTA with my blog post You are the calm before and during the storm, and then he confirmed TWICE that it was an intentional zero-delta. If you’re wondering where the two communications on the top right of this graphic come from, they are messages I sent to President Trump and Wendy Rogers through the chat on [Gab]. Yep, they are always watching me and reading everything I submit. What does that infer?

Would President Trump just flippantly do a zero-delta with something that was false? Of course not. What does that infer? That he agrees with what I wrote. That means he knew what I was writing, and he was notified the moment that I published my blog. Think about what else this means. He agrees that the fake assassination will happen!

Do you believe in coincidences?

By the way, these three tweets were posted back-to-back-to-back.

You can’t make this stuff up. As of early September, I had already been decoding drops about the fake assassination, but I did not realize that drop #432 was related. As it turns out, it is one of the most important. One might even say it is the “keystone” in decoding the fake assassination plot across all of the Q drops. Nothing is random. Everything has meaning. Now, I understand how important this one proof is.

So, thirty minutes after I posted a decode on Red October and DEFCON1, President Trump tweets this, an obvious shout-out to LionessA (LionessArising). If you think “LIONESSA” is simply in reference to Melania, then think again because “30 minutes” matches back to one of the drops I analyzed in my decode.

Click here to view my imperfect (yet important!) decode if you’re interested.

On it’s own, the above still could be merely a coincidence, but when President Trump, Wendy Rogers, and Dan Scavino all give me kudos within 33 minutes of my post, it’s a little harder to deny. Scavino’s tweet was not just a pat on the back, but also a hint on what happened to Wendy as a child. Click here to read the evidence that she was trafficked as a child.

Wendy did the exact same thing as POTUS. She used the time difference between my post and her tweet to match to a drop. The drop proves that “Good thread” does indeed refer to my thread.

“What does lithium have to do with it?” you ask. Well, here you go.

At 9:25, I quoted one of Wendy’s posts and wrote a short message that read, “Wendy, I’m gonna be honest. This post and the one right after it made my legs go weak.” Her very next tweet was at 9:29, and she used the word “weak.” At 9:40, I noticed this correlation and wrote “What are the odds that she says this four minutes after I wrote this? Sorry, I don’t believe in coincidence.” Her very next tweet was at 10:31—”WOW. Starting of a trend?” The timestamp matches 2231 (military time). “Correct, Anon. What does that tell you when it continually happens?” (Click here to read my short thread with all of these proofs.)

For the longest time, I didn’t understand the significance. Little did I know, she was helping me build a proofs collection. The 9:29 timestamp matched to 1488.

Did you know that Andrew Torba’s (the CEO of [Gab]) last name means “bag?” Interesting that if you reverse the word it spells “gab.” What in the world does this have to do with proofs? Well, I posted a short message to Torba on November 15 at 2:15 PM. I referred to him as “bag-man.” I’m sure most of my followers had no clue what I was doing or who I was talking to, but President Trump did because I previously shared my research on the Torba name with POTUS through the chat.

PapiTrumpo tweeted one minute after me at 2:16 PM. The timestamp matches three relevant drops. Check them out below. Also, notice that the structure of our posts is similar. The first part was written in normal capitalization. The second part was written in all caps. How many coincidences until…?

Again, how is it possible that he does one-minute deltas with me? What does that infer? POTUS either knows when I’m going to post or waits for me to post. BOOM! (It’s actually a combination of the two.) Click here to read my research on pisoshito Andrew Torba (a.k.a. Mr. Bag-man), which also includes clear confirmations from Wendy and POTUS.

Is it possible that he just happened to tweet one minute after me? Sure. Anything’s possible. But it turns out that this was his first post in an hour and a half. Here is a list of the timestamps on his tweets surrounding the 2:16 PM tweet.

12:33 PM

12:35 PM

12:39 PM

12:44 PM

<2:16 PM>

3:12 PM

3:33 PM

Sure as heck looks intentional to me.

Later on November 15, we have another one-minute delta from POTUS commending me and giving me direction on my research (K-LOVE radio was the topic). Again, it was his first tweet in almost an hour and his last for the night. Click here to read my first related post. Click here to read the second.

With his very next tweet the following morning, he confirms that it was an intentional one-minute delta.

And yet another one-minute delta from November 17…

Appears to be yet another confirmation that Wendy Rogers is Q—not that we needed another one, of course.

Already convinced? Don’t need any more proof that you should be listening to me? Click here to skip down and hear the reason why I have spent countless hours putting this together.

This one doesn’t involve a one-minute delta or anything, but POTUS does confirm my research with a timestamp less than an hour after I posted. He actually confirmed to me that this was a confirmation of my conclusion. I didn’t save that though, and I am NOT going back through a month of his tweets to find it. Haha.

Yes, Tebow is on the wrong side. I know. Seems impossible. This is only the beginning, I’m sorry to say.

Let’s end it with Lin. No matter what you think of Mr. Wood—I honestly don’t know why so-called patriots have such a problem with him, except that he is a truth-giver, and truth-givers are attacked because we’re over the target—there is no denying that he is an insider and heavily involved in the plan. I discovered this way back in April, I believe. Now, I really know it to be true! Lin is a good friend, and I greatly admire his patriotism, his wisdom, his love of TRUTH, and his unwavering stand for 2020 to be fixed.

So, the Lin proof. This is something else. I posted at 12:35 AM on October 10. He posted at 3:49 PM on the same day. He nearly matches me word-for-word in some places and definitely matches thought-for-thought. But wait! There’s more. He even matched the number of paragraphs in my post.

Oh, and the timestamp? It confirms that Clay Clark is a traitor.


This is like the most obvious one-minute delta ever.

First, here is my post. I am quoting and re-sharing the link to this blog, which I had shared earlier that morning.

My post and POTUS’s tweet side-by-side. The video has “Eye of the Tiger” as the soundtrack. Interesting that tigers and lionesses are both big cats. Just sayin’.

What is so impressive about this proof? First of all, the timing. The tweet prior to this one was at 1:32 PM, and the tweet following this was at 5:41 PM.

Here’s a full-page screenshot just to prove to you that they’re in series…

So, considering this four-hour spread, what are the odds that he would tweet one minute after me? Highly unlikely. But that’s not all. Let’s see what his timestamps on these three tweets match.

Self-explanatory. Note that he confirms it was planned.

Also self-explanatory. Again, he acknowledges that it was an intentional delta with my post. “Less than (1). Ever wonder how that’s possible?” I told you—he knows when I’m going to post! According to this drop, it might even be less than a one-minute difference. I know how to see the seconds on my posts. I just wish I could see that on POTUS’s tweet. If anyone here has an account on Twitter and knows how to send me a link to this information or a screenshot of it, that would be awesome!

With his 1:32 tweet just prior to the 3:01 tweet that he used for the one-minute delta, he predicts that he is going to do a delta with me. He asks, “Do you believe in coincidences?” What is the significance of “Expect a lot more?” He’s saying to expect a lot more proofs. The next day, he did a zero-delta with one of my posts. The day after that, he did a one-minute delta with one of my posts. I am still working on the graphics for those. November 22, 2021 is also a four-year delta with 204.

This is sweet right here. The 1:32 tweet includes an official statement from the office of Donald J. Trump. If you subtract 1:32 from 3:01, the result is 1:29. You could say he did a one-hour and twenty-nine minute delta with himself. That 1:29 timestamp matches to a drop where Anons had counted up the number of (0) deltas that POTUS had done with Q. President Trump’s statement in the 1:32 tweet mentions a podcast titled “Who’s Counting?” Did you catch that? Thus, he predicted in yet another way that it was an intentional delta, and at the same time, he confirmed all of the other ones, as well!

Besides this highly unlikely occurrence, what are the odds that an official statement from DONALD JOHN TRUMP with the phrase “Who’s Counting” would be released THE VERY DAY that I post my blog containing multiple proofs from him, THE VERY DAY that he does yet ANOTHER one-minute delta with one of my posts, AND in time to meet these deadlines for the timestamps? MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!


I had to split 2761 into two pieces and cut out a small portion as well for it to fit in my graphic. View the entire drop here →

Donald J. Trump is telling you in an official statement that you “Must listen” to me!


And for the grand finale, his 5:41 tweet confirms the previous tweet was an intentional tip of the hat towards my proofs post. In case you were unaware, 0:08 is the military time for 12:08 AM, and 2408 is another alternative.

For the record, after [they] watched me post this and POTUS do a one-minute delta with it, the controllers at [Gab] took the group that I posted on private, so unless you were already in that group, you will not be able to view my post. Don’t believe they did this? Well, I don’t really give AF who doesn’t believe me. If you can’t tell by now who’s telling the truth here, then you’re a GONER.

Why on Earth would you listen to someone that is confirmed by POTUS to be on the wrong side over someone who is confirmed by POTUS to be a patriot? Why would you listen to the feds who have everything to lose over someone who has nothing to lose?

Do the research.

Connect the dots.

Draw the conclusions.

Think for yourself!!!

And while you’re at it, try to duplicate this on the color wheel. Nothing is random. Everything has meaning.

Honestly, this is just a snapshot of the proofs I could present, and by the way, all of these are not to mention the proofs that are connected to my other decodes.

How about we look at God’s Q proofs on my life? For the cherry on top.

My name: Morgan D.

13 + 4 = 17. M + D = Q.

My full name is 19 letters long, as in the nineteenth president, Donald John Trump.

My time of birth was 4:32 PM. Drop #432 is the keystone for the fake assassination decode.

My parents’ anniversary is September 4. That was the day POTUS gave me a shout-out and matched to drop #432.

Since the beginning of March, I have been seeing the number 34 everywhere. In fact, when I attended a patriots’ conference a few months ago, the Lord providentially sat me at table 34. Drop #34 is the one that we all have been hanging onto, the one which promises the EAS will be activated.

I have a few more, but they contain too much personally identifiable information. Despite the fact that the bad guys know who I am, I cannot reveal my identity to the rest of the world at the moment. If or when God releases me to do so, you will be awed at how He literally scripted me into the plan. We truly serve an Awesome Creator. As astonishingly brilliant as the plan with Q is, it pales in comparison to how Yahweh has perfectly woven together every detail of world history.

How many coincidences until mathematically impossible? Am I someone you need to listen to? Yes, I am.

I am the real deal. I am a believer, a patriot, a digital soldier, a researcher, and a decoder—and, dare I say, a damn good one at that.

Why have I spent all of this time proving this to you?

What am I going to tell you with this platform that they’ve given me? For now, just two things.

First of all, can we lose? Is there any way we lose?


Secondly, yes, the Deep State is going to assassinate a double of President Trump. It has been confirmed over and over again by Wendy and President Trump. I am convinced that this one event is either a central or peripheral subject in hundreds of drops. I have been targeted by the Deep State because of it. I have been de-platformed and censored for it. I even found it in the Bible. Honestly, you would have to renounce your existence as an intelligent life-form to not believe this is going to happen.

This is my latest decode focusing on 432. Do you really believe all of these connections are mere coincidences? I feel like I could do 10 different decodes on this one drop and still not cover everything. I highly suggest that you download and save the following two images. “Archive and save. Will become extremely important.” -Q

You can read and download a PDF (recommended) of the most important decodes and information I have gathered on this topic by clicking here. You can read ALL of my past decodes on the fake assassination by clicking here.

Here’s to Victory!

Yeshua’s humble servant,


P.S. Should Wendy or President Trump decide to give me further proofs, like, for instance, another zero-delta, I will try to update this post with the latest. I will definitely be sharing them on my [Gab] and Telegram accounts. Yep, I’m on Telegram now! I just created my channel two days ago. I will start posting there very soon.

Follow me on Gab → @LionessArising

Follow me on Telegram → TheLionessArising

(If you don’t have a Telegram account, you will need to select preview channel.)

PLEASE give me a follow on both sites so you can stay up-to-date and PLEASE share my work as much as possible. Believe me. I am not here for followers. In fact, once this is all over, I plan to quit social media, or at least back off significantly. My sole purpose for the time being is to reach millions with the message of the fake assassination plot. You need to share it with every Trump supporter you know.

I have said this a million times. If you fear for your reputation, which is cowardly and pathetic IMO, you don’t even need to say it will definitely happen or even give them any details. All you need to say is that you heard they might report that President Trump is dead. Don’t believe it because it will be fake news. Planting the idea in their mind like this will prevent them from taking drastic measures against themselves or others, and even if for whatever stupid reason they get upset with you, they will come back to you for support when the time comes.


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